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How to Return Holiday Gifts

Returning gifts may prove difficult if you don’t know some rules

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Christmas is all about giving and receiving presents but it happens that we don’t like what we receive so here are some tips on how to return holiday gifts.

These past few days were spent by many of us among family and friends sharing besides love and the Christmas table, many presents. There were also gifts we received from Secret Santas at work or school and maybe some of them were not exactly what we expected. Either because we don’t really like this sort of things, either because they don’t suit us, or we need another size of that great snowman sweater uncle Louie gave us.

The solution is returning the gifts to the store and buying something else instead. But stores don’t make easy for you to give back your presents so you have to make sure you know the rules, therefore we offer you some advice on how to return holiday gifts.

Although policies on returns differ from one retailer to another, you have to keep in mind that having the receipt is the most important thing. Sure, it’s not nice to know how much your uncle Louie spent on your sweater but this is the best way to ensure you can return it.

You should also know how much time you have to return your gift. Sometimes, the time period in which you can return your gifts does not only vary by store but also by item. For example, electronics usually have to be returned within two weeks from purchase.

Another precious rule of the gift return policy is: do not remove the tags. If we’re talking about items with tags, you should not take them off until you are sure you are going to keep the present. If there are no tags and we’re talking about devices, don’t open the package. Opening the package or removing the tag will make it more difficult or even impossible for you to return the gift.

Moreover, it’s good to make sure you choose a not so crowded day to make the return. You’ll definitely not be the only one returning gifts and besides there are also shoppers, the staff of each store has to deal with so avoid interacting with them when they’re cranky and their Christmas spirit is all gone.

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