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How to Save Wildlife in the U.S. • Mirror Daily

Bears are part of the wildlife in the U.S.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Environmentalists and experts in animal protection are constantly thinking about ways of helping the wildlife. As the animals are threaten by human activities, it is up to humans exclusively to help them. Specialists say that every small act from any person can make a difference when it comes to such a delicate issue.

One of the good news regarding this aspect comes from Oregon. Officials at Oregon Fish and Wildlife have recently announced their strategies to protect wildlife in the state, although some of them are still being hunted. They also announced they count on a satisfying budget to carry out their plans.

Specialists observed that among the neediest wildlife species in Oregon is the American pika. It is a small, diurnal rodent. Unfortunately, their number is decreasing because the little pikas are affected by high temperatures. According to researchers, climate change has taken its toll on the American pika. Further conservation plans will be developed for the rodents.

Other three hundred wild animal species require humans’ help in Oregon.

Another measure from authorities comes from Vermont, and this one relies on the citizens’ cooperation. If Oregon’s plans were concerned with non-game animals, officials in Vermont are concerned about the population of hunted bears. This is why they ask for the help of hunters. What they have to do is to submit a bear’s tooth to the authorities. Specialists intend to use the samples as material for their analyses and investigation on the evolution of bears in their area.

Collecting any information on wild animals helps experts develop proper strategies to protect them.

Monarch butterflies are also among the threatened species. Although conservation programs saved them before, the beautiful, fragile insects are in danger, once more. Their population was severely affected by the cold temperatures in spring, which caught them by surprise.

If you want to help the monarch butterflies regain their safe status, you can work with the authorities. All you have to do is collect milkweed seeds and deliver them to local authorities. Butterflies are attracted to these flowers. Officials released this announcement because the months of September and October stand for the season of milkweed.

The seeds collected from people will be planted so that butterflies can find wide fields of flowers. Authorities also advise people that they should plant flowers in their gardens or around their house to attract insects.

Both butterflies and bees are attracted to flowers. They are pollinators, and their activity is beneficial for the natural environment.

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