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HP Sprout Pro Targets the Education Market

Sprout Pro would be very useful in classrooms

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A new HP gadget has been launched, which expands their vision of Blended Reality and it seems that HP Sprout Pro targets the education market.

The device brings new tools aimed at students, instructors or creative professionals such as architects. The possibilities are vast, as the Sprout Pro offers instant 2D/3D scanning, augmented reality and a dual screen.

Imagine what a tool like this can do in a classroom. It could completely revolutionize the way in which teachers teach and the way in which students learn, by helping them put theory into practice in a very easy way.

The gadget can offer a lot more in education then any computer can, by blending video and audio as well as tactile engagement. The Sprout Pro could be very useful for remote learning as it allows you to collaborate on projects with people from all around the globe, in real time.

The device is also very cost effective as schools won’t have to buy separate PCs, scanners and other IT devices, when they can have all of these in just one machine.

Sprout also comes with different 3D features which will allow students to create or sculpt any shapes they want. This would be a very creative and interactive way of learning about new things, which children will like.

You can share pretty much anything on Skype, including a Sprout 2D capture. The External Display Mixer also allows you to share what’s on the dual screen or anything your webcam sees.

The Sprout Pro also has a built in HP Scan and an HP Magnifier which will help you manage your documents and further share them with other people. The HP Sprout Pro works on Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and has an Intel Core i7 processor.

All in all, I’d say this is the perfect machine to have in a classroom. You have everything you want in a single device, so there’s no need to spend more money on separate computers and scanners, nor do you have to find a place for all of them.

Moreover, given the level at which the young generation nowadays is attracted to gadgets and IT, it is far more likely they will enjoy learning with Sprout Pro than using any other form of doing projects or creating new things.

HP Sprout Pro will be available starting February at a price of $2199 and it comes with all the above mentioned features with no extra charge.

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