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The smartphone maker from Taiwan, HTC, has said that it estimates its revenue for the incoming fourth quarter to grow by up to 12% as it will soon launch new products like the Nexus 9 tablet of Google for one.

HTC’s revenue goal for the fourth quarter is estimated to be in between TWD 43 billion to TWD 47 billion which when converted to U.S. dollars, amounts to $1.43 billion to $1.57 billion.

This goal is actually higher than what the experts and analysts have forecasted but it’s not the same thing that happened for the third quarter wherein the company earned lower than what was expected by the public. HTC only earned TWD 41.86 billion to be exact.

For the first few weeks of the last quarter of the year, HTC’s sales were looking good as the company was able to go past the forecasted number. This is all because of HTC’s active search for new tactics to grab the attention of customers and look for fresh streams of income with its new products that will be launched soon.

This may be a pretty tough year for the Taiwanese company with it reporting that it experienced its first loss after a decade but it’s positive that the year will still end great.

While analysts have warned that the company would have to go a long way before it would be able to beat its rivals Apple and Samsung, HTC said that it won’t let the competitors get in its way of reaching its goals.

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