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Huawei Debuts New P8 Lite Handset in America • Mirror Daily

The new P8 Lite handset from Huawei offers great quality-price report.

Based on the recent reports published by the company’s officials, Huawei debuts new P8 Lite handset in America starting this weekend. The new smartphone will be available on Amazon, BH, Electronics and Fry’s and analysts expect it to become a hit due to its good quality-price report.

The Chinese producer has been trying to come up with a new product that could compete against existing smart gadgets in America for quite some time now. Its objective has finally been accomplished now that the Huawei debuts new P8 Lite handset in American stores.

The official price of the smartphone has been set at $249.99, but costs may vary depending on the region where the device is being commercialized. At a first look, the product specifications seem to make up for the requested money, tech savvies have agreed.

Many financial advantages have been prepared for those customers who will be among the first to purchase the new handset. Huawei offers a $50 discount to users who purchase the new P8 Lite within 72 hours. Moreover, a $50 airtime and data card, a free Huawei Bluetooth dial stereo speaker, an interesting snap on case and a Net 10 SIM card will be bestowed as gifts to the first clients.

As the name of the device might suggest it, the design of the new Huawei P8 Lite is incredibly slim and thin, even though it has been featured with a 5-inch, 720p Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen. The smartphone is only 7.6 mm thick, in spite of the advanced tech characteristics that have been embedded on it.

Based on the producer’s description, the P8 Lite model has 2GB of RAM memory, a 13-megapixel rear camera, whereas the front camera take 5-megapixel pictures. The 2,200 mAh battery is built in and, therefore, it cannot be removed from the device.

Users, who opt to switch their old smartphones with the newer P8 Lite, will benefit of a 16BG inbuilt storage capacity. This capacity may be extended up to 32GB by using a microSD card.

Future enjoyers will be able to quickly connect to the Internet using one of the many connectivity tools provided by Huawei on the new handset. 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are some of the Internet options that customers may use in order to access online pages.

Huawei has further stated that the new P8 Lite model will be available on the U.S. market starting today. The main retailers that will commercialize the new handset are Amazon, BH, Electronics and Fry’s, but many more companies will start selling the product once it becomes more popular among American consumers.
Image Source: Droid Life

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