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Hy-Vee Macadamia Nuts Were Recalled Due to Salmonella • Mirror Daily

Raw nuts, sprouts, pre-washed fruits and vegetables have a high risk of Salmonella contamination.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The 2-ounce blue bags of Hy-Vee macadamia nuts were recalled due to salmonella contamination. While there have been no reported cases of infection, the producer discovered a batch of contaminated products during a routine inspection. Because of this, they are voluntarily recalling every bag that has a July 10th 2016 expiration date.

The 2-ounce blue bags of Hy-Vee macadamia nuts were recalled due to salmonella contamination. Fortunately, the salmonella infected product was discovered during a routine check-up and no actual person was infected, so far.

The products in question are the 2-ounce blue bags of Hy-Vee raw macadamia nuts. The possibly compromised batch expires on July 10th 2016. The bags were sold to the large public from July 2nd, 2015 up until February 3rd, current year.

The product can be recognized by the full name “Hy0Vee Macadamia Nuts 2oz/57g” and the UPC “0 75450 13287 8”. Any person who sees the bags in question still for sale in stores and supermarkets must notify a manager or the producing company.

A salmonella infection could prove to be deadly in children, the elderly or people with a compromised immune system. The most common symptoms of the bacteria infection are diarrhea, fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and even bloody diarrhea. In rare cases in which the infection manages to reach the bloodstream, salmonella can also cause arthritis, endocarditis, and arterial infections.

The people who bought a compromised pack of Hy-Vee macadamia nuts are urged to dispose of it or head out to the nearest Hy-Vee store where they will receive a full refund for the product.

The only batch that is supposed to be compromised is the 2-ounce blue bag of Hy-Vee macadamia nuts. Other Hy-Vee products have also been tested and they are safe for consumption.

There has been a serious outbreak of Salmonella lately. There are at least two alfalfa sprouts recalls going on in the present moment. Unfortunately, the sprouts managed to sicken at least a dozen people before the source of the infection was pinpointed.

Last year a batch of pre-packed and pre-washed Dole salads also sickened a great number of people.

The FDA and CDC are urging US citizens to thoroughly clean their refrigerators and steer clear of such products that need a very humid environment to grow.

Food safety experts recommend the people to stop consuming uncooked vegetables or nuts because of the high Salmonella infection risk that they present.

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