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Ibuprofen Patch That Offers 12 Pain-Free Hours

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – Another option will be placed upon the table, as scientists created an ibuprofen patch that offers 12 pain-free hours to the wearer. It’s a remarkable way of delivering a commonly used painkiller that would be of major help for some who encounter problems with pills.

Researchers at the University of Warwick have managed to create a new way in which ibuprofen is delivered to the body. The transparent patch will be stuck to your skin and offer you 12 hours of no pain. The relief will be provided by simply wearing it, and it’s reportedly flexible, barely visible, and very efficient.

According to the researchers, the patch can contain a concentration that is between 5 to 10 times greater than existing patches or gels. It can hold up to 30% drug load, and will provide pain relief through your skin. It’s an exceptional addition to the options that will spare possible unsafe doses.

Furthermore, it spares the use of traditional gels that are often found to be too messy, and will be helpful to those with gastrointestinal problems who experience discomfort after taking pills. It may cause an upset stomach in some individuals. However, they will be spared of the consequences through the new delivery system.

Researchers have likely placed patients with chronic pain as the center target. With an application of the patch, they could have 12 guaranteed hours of no pain or soreness, hidden easily underneath their clothes. It will also reduce the chances of heart problems due to the fact that it will limit the intake of oral doses of painkillers.

The adhesive ibuprofen patch contains a polymer matrix, which effectively stores the drug and then delivers it. Due to the exquisite transdermal patch technology, scientists believe that they will be able to pair it with numerous other drugs over the years. The patch can “increase drug loading capabilities” even though it remains thin, flexible, and virtually transparent, according to the researchers.

According to the CEO of Medherant Nigel Davis, the company who will develop the patch, their initial product will be available over-the-counter. It will improve safety, and deliver an efficient way for patients with chronic pain to assure a dozen hours without pain. And it will be easily available, at the very least the version with ibuprofen.

According to Davis, they can see plenty of opportunities of working with other pharmaceutical companies to provide the same delivery system for other drugs. The ibuprofen patch, in the meantime, is said to become available in the next 2 years.

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