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If You Ever Dreamt Of Riding A Bear, WiLD’s Gameplay Is Your Best Chance – Mirror Daily

This game will show you what it feels like to ride a bear. Awesome!

Even though we haven’t heard much about this topic lately, PS4 sparked our interest once more because, if you ever dreamt of riding a bear, WiLD’s gameplay is your best chance.

Yesterday was Sony’s big conference at the Paris Game Week and, besides announcements about games like Star Wars Battlefront, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Battleborn, No Man’s Sky, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters and Gravity rush 2, there was also news about WiLD. This game comes to us from Michael Ancel, the same man that created Rayman and it is exclusive for PS4.

As you might have heard, the game is set some 10 000 years ago, and is centered around a shaman with magical powers, that has abilities such as taking control over different animals, like rabbits, eagles or ravens. You can play either as an animal or a human, being a member of an old tribe and the game has a very large and dynamic environment for you to move in and explore. It was inspired by its creators’ travels in the wilderness when he was young.

At the press conference they showed us the gameplay demo, which sported action such as transforming from a human into a rabbit. Also, Ancel himself rode a bear for a while, which was by far the coolest thing in all the presentation. Also, it strangely reminded people of that famous picture roaming free on the internet, of Putin riding a bear half naked. So, if you think that’s awesome, make like Putin and ride  a bear in WiLD.

Also, at the end of the demo, a great snake lady appeared right in front of the main character, adding even more magic to this already fantastic game. Afterwards, PlayStation Europe even twitted about the event and the presentation saying that absolutely nothing in the gameplay is pre-written and that they hope every player will have a unique story to tell.

The game was first announced to the world in August 2014, being the first production of Wild Sheep Studios, Ancel’s new company. Back then they stated that they wanted to focus on a single platform and that it seemed to them PS4 was the best way to go. However, despite forming his own new studio, the people over at Ubisoft say that Ancel is still very much part of their Ubisoft Montpellier team.

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