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Illegal Fishing To Be Monitored From Space • Mirror Daily

Illegal fishing is a strong business

(Mirror Daily, United States) Authorities have been thinking about a solution to the pressing problem of illegal fishing, which destroys the balance of natural ecosystems and breaks the law of several states and countries. However, it is a difficult issue to deal with, but the solution comes from Google. The giant search engine will launch a program which will allow authorities to survey the ships’ activity, based on the information of a satellite in space.

The new program powered by Google is called Global Fishing Watch, and it is meant to track any illegal fishing activity. All the seas and oceans in the world will be carefully watched. Fishermen who thought they could go on with their illegal activities have to bear in mind that the system will function 24/7. The system seems the best method to monitor all navigable routes in the world, at the same time.

According to officially released information, authorities expect to see on their readers no less than thirty-five thousand fishing vessels. They will be monitored in real time, and the authorities will have access to several types of information, such as the location of the ships, the amount of fish they capture, the time of the capture and so on and so forth.

The Global Fishing Watch system will interfere with the plans of fishermen who intend to hide information on their location. What they do is actually trying to get away with murder, as those who don’t reveal such basic information are most likely to be behind activities such as illegal fishing.

Environmentalists have been trying to implement this program since 2014. They have been using it on their own and discovered cases of illegal fishing, which were reported to authorities. Their initiative was officially introduced at a conference by actor Leonardo DiCaprio himself, who has been involved in environmentalist campaigns before.

The new surveillance system was unveiled at the conference on Thursday, in Washington, D.C. The meeting was held by the U.S. State Department. The developers and wildlife experts are satisfied with the results of their hard work, as the Global Fishing Watch is now a free service.

Modern technology proves its advantages again, and this time, it helps the marine animals in need. The Global Fishing Watch system can identify marine protected areas and reports any illegal trespassing. Authorities are confident that the rates of illegal fishing will drop considerably from now on.

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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