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Improvements with Google Now • Mirror Daily

Mobile phone running Google Now

(Mirror Daily, United States) People behind Google and TechTimes announce improvements for Google personal assistant, Google Now. The aim of the developers is to make it as easy as possible for users to handle the application and get satisfying results.

The new feature designed to improve Google Now is called Explore Interests. Although officials didn’t release much information on it because the application is not finished yet, there are some things to be told about it.

The new app offers a better organization of information through its menu. Users can choose from categories such as “Musicians”, “People”, “Sports”, “TV”, and others. Each category also has subcategories so that users can be much more specific on their interests and preferences and click on the particular item they are interested in.

Android Police Blog and TechTimes provide information on the advantages of the updated version of Google Now:

“It will give users more control over what sort of information Google will track on your behalf, and will make it easier to tell Google exactly what sort of information you want to hear more about.”

Users will be able to have instant access to updates about their favorite subjects, as the feature Explore Interests is the perfect tool for the job, through its notifications. Android Police Blog also reports on the categories of the app:

“Each of these have different things that can be added, meaning if anything happens to that specific interest, it will pop up in Google Now as a new card.”

Google Now is an application which can be installed on Android mobile phones, and it can also be accessed on computers through a certain browser, namely Google Chrome. This application gives you, as users, access to almost any kind of information: news on celebrities, on the development of the economy or politics, on the weather, traffic, and pretty much anything else.

Remember Explore Interests has not been officially released as an updated of the Google Now application. Developers take their time in order to provide you with real improvements so that you can enjoy its effectiveness. So worry not if your mobile phone has not been updated yet. That moment will soon come, and it looks like you don’t have to wait long for it.

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