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Inaccurate Heart Monitor Function Brings Fitbit to Court

Apparently the customers have complained that the trackers showed a pulse rate much lower than the real one.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Fitness trackers are the new hype among people that love their physical workout, and producers are always trying to come up with new gadgets with different features that attract the targeted audience. But bad news is knocking on one of the manufacturer’s doors as inaccurate heart monitor function brings Fitbit to court.

The model that apparently failed in monitoring the pulse of several of its users is the Charge and Surge Fitbit HR. Because of the inaccurate data that it supposedly provided, the plaintiffs say they could have easily put their life in danger. This is the main reason for which the company will have to continue to defend the qualities of its products in front of a judge.

One of the people that complained about the false advertising that the Fitbit products were benefiting from, is Teresa Black, a Colorado fitness lover.

Miss Black states that while exercising with her personal trainer, she checked her vitals on her Charge and Surge and the pulse read a mere level of 82. She continued the workout but felt like something was wrong. Her trainer then proceeded on checking her vital signs manually and discovered that her heart rate readings were at an alarmingly 160 beats per minute. This immediately prompted Teresa to file an official complaint with the company.

Another unsatisfied customer explains how the Fitbit device, that appeared to work fine, was recording a pulse of 114 bpm (which is a normal level when the body is engaged in physical exercise), but upon further investigation with a different measurement instrument, the San Diego resident, Kate McLellan discovered that the actual heart rate was of 155 bpm.

There have been other several complaints, all of them similar to those earlier cited. It seems that in the majority of cases the heart monitor function was not transmitting actual live readings of the pulse, the levels that it displayed being far lower than the real ones. The customers are very upset with this glitch because they were using the Fitbit product while exercising. If they were to trust the readings that it procured they could have put their health in danger.

On the other side, the manufacturer stated that the product has no functioning defects and that he is ready to face in court the accusations of the dissatisfied customers. The company also adds the fact that the Fitbit product comes with a label of warning that it is not suited for scientific or medical use.

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