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Indiana Teacher Injected Son’s Chemo IV Bag with Feces • Mirror Daily

An Indiana teacher used a similar syringe to inject feces in her son’s IV lines.

Indiana authorities discovered that a 41-years old school teacher and mother from Springfield injected her son’s IV lines with feces in an attempt to have him transferred to better medical facilities.

Tiffany Alberts, a school teacher from Indiana, now faces six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglecting a dependent which resulted in severe injuries. A surety bond of $80,000 was posted on Wednesday, and Alberts got out of jail. Judges have ruled that the school teacher remains at her house in Springfield, awaiting the trial.

According to the court’s documents, the 41-year old mother has injected her 15-years old son’s IV lines with feces. Her son is suffering from leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The hospital’s staff declared that the 15-years old boy was brought to the hospital at the beginning of September for his first round of treatment, which involved chemotherapy. They’ve added that the boy responded well to treatment and that he was later taken home by his mother.

However, a couple of days later, the boy returned to the hospital with a high fever. The doctors said that the boy was also vomiting and had diarrhea. After running a couple of tests, the doctors discovered that the teen’s blood was contaminated with organism normally residing in stool samples.

After reviewing the surveillance tapes from Riley Hospital, the medical facility where the boy received treatment for his condition, the authorities discovered that the Indiana teacher flushed the boy’s IV line with an unknown substance.

When questioned about her deed, Alberts casually declared that on more than one occasion she rinsed her son’s intravenous line with water because the treatment burned him. In addition, the woman also admitted to injecting human feces in the teen’s IV line.

Alberts declared that the reason why she injected the substance is that she wanted the boy to be transferred to another medical facility for better treatment.

Sadly, the boy’s condition has deteriorated. According to teen’s attending physicians, the feces injections gave him a severe blood infection. They’ve managed to cure him. However, the hospital’s staff declared that they’d missed the best window for treating the teen’s leukemia.

At the moment, Alberts has taken up residence in Elmore Drive, awaiting her trial. According to the Court, the woman’s pretrial was set for the 17th January 2017. Child Care authorities have taken the boy from his home, and the Court forbid the Indiana teacher from seeing her child.

Image source: Pixabay

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