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Indiana Widower Makes Blankets for Police Officers to Keep in Their Cars • Mirror Daily

An 88-year-old Indiana widower has supplied every police car in Boone County and Zionsville with blankets.

On the subject of selfless gestures or, better yet, making a positive contribution to the community without asking for anything in return, we wish to bring you the story of Clayton Shelburne, an 88-year-old widower from Indiana who makes blankets for police officers to keep in their cars.

It’s very rare to see someone performing a selfless gesture this day when everything revolved around making money or ranting about it over social media. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who dedicate all their spare time to a worthy cause.

Such an individual is Clayton Shelburne of Indiana, an 88-year-old man who recently became the main supplier of blankets for Zionsville and Boone County Police Departments. As Shelburne recalls, his passion for sewing blankets began more than a decade ago, when his wife, Delores, started making blankets for her camping club.

The widower said that he would often stay to help his wife create those cozy blankets. Jestingly, Shelburne admits that he was not into sewing and he was more Santa’s little helper to his wife, keeping her company and giving her the tools she needed to make the blankets.

Shelburne recalls that no matter the weather, he and his wife would often retire to the living room, where he would help her work on the blankets which will later be donated to the woman’s camping club.

Regrettably, Mrs. Shelburne passed away in May 2015, leaving Clayton heartbroken. Since his wife passed away peacefully, the 88-year-old Indiana resident, decided to take a more active role in the blanket-making business.

As the widower tells the story, his decision of taking up he and his wife’s favorite activity, stemmed from a sad tale the man heard the news. Apparently, sometime during the cold and long night of winter, a car broke down near a busy highway. Inside, there were two persons – a father and his son.

Seeing that the car would not start, the father left his son in the car and went to look for help. Thinking about how the child had to endure the cold made the Indiana widower realize that, at the right moment, a blanket can be an invaluable asset.

So, Shelburne started to sew his blankets and to give them to the police officers. Up until now, Shelburne managed to make enough warm blankets for every police car in Boone County and Zionsville.

Image source: Pixabay

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