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Instagram Can Make Accurate Predictions on Supermodels’ Popularity • Mirror Daily

The recent survey could inspire developers to further expand Instagram’s services.

A new research conducted by computer experts has revealed that Instagram can make accurate predictions on supermodels’ popularity. Developers created a special algorithm that analyzed the online profiles of the models and established who the most popular models of the Fall/Winter 2015 season were.

There are thousands of models available for fashion presentations, according to the Fashion Model Directory. Yet, very few of them actually become supermodels. Instagram developers think they have what it takes to find who America’s Next Top Model will be.

All you need is a special algorithm and a list of 400 most popular models from the Fashion Model Directory. The quest may then continue with the careful analysis of models’ Instagram profiles to determine who has the most followers, positive comments and posts. At the end of the research, the results of the survey are compared to the top suggestions put forward by the Fashion Model Directory.

Emilio Ferrara, a computer specialist from the University of Southern California and the lead author of the study has stated that predictions were narrowed down to 15 Instagram accounts. The program suggested eight possible most popular models, but only six names corresponded to the choices of the Fashion Models Directory.

Only one calculation was wrong for the least popular models. Instagram selected seven models and six of them were accurate, according to researchers.

It appears that models have to be very active on social networks in order to become more visible within the fashion industry. More posts and positive comments mean more chances of making appearances in the following runaway shows. Chances increase by 15 percent, experts have added.

Likes have lost great part of their meaning. A large number of likes does not mean that women have greater modeling opportunities. Surprisingly, the more liked their profiles were, the least popular the models were, their chances being dropped by 10 percent.

Instagram developers were even able to name some of the physical features that designers look for when selecting their favorite modes. Judging from the traits of the six most popular models, designers look for tall, very slim women with an androgynous look.

Similar algorithms may be developed in the future to help identify people’s popularity within other working fields. The social network did not specify whether the recent surveys will be used to expand Instagram’s array of services or not.

Image source: www.pinterest. com

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