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Instagram Stories Get Updated, Officials Announce • Mirror Daily

Instagram Stories can be found in the Explore tab too.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Officials from Instagram have recently announced a new update about their Instagram Stories. The stories of Instagram users are now available on the Explore tab as well. No less than one hundred million users visit the tab every day, according to officials. So this is a great opportunity to get new followers or become the follower of an interesting person. 

Instagram first released Instagram Stories earlier this year, in August. The app allows you to post as many photos and videos you want on your Instagram account during the day. Instead of being displayed as single posts, they are posted as a slide presentation, making the story of your day.

Instagram Stories only last for twenty-four hours. Afterward, they are not available on your account anymore. So if you had images that you didn’t like that much, you shouldn’t worry about them being exposed on your account anymore. What’s more, Instagram Stories disables comments and likes. So people who find your Instagram Stories interesting and want to contact you can do so by sending you a direct message.

You can custom the photos and videos for your story by adding stickers and text. You can change the context of the picture by suggesting a different environment. You can also make a funny picture seem serious, or a serious one seem funny. There are infinite possibilities, thanks to the tools provided by Instagram.

Developers at Instagram are aware of the advantages of the Explore tab. By displaying Instagram Stories on Explore, they hope to draw the interest of more and more users. Like any other type of content for Explore, users will find there the funniest, most interesting and creative Instagram Stories. So users will definitely won’t waste their time by scrolling through this selection of stories.

The idea behind the stories on Instagram is very much similar to the way in which the Snapchat app works. Both of them allow users to edit their pictures and videos, as well as save them for twenty-four hours. However, Snapchat is designed to help users communicate easily with close friends and family. For the time being, only the Instagram Stories are available on Explore.

Instagram Stories work with iOs and Android. Remember that the new update of the app allows you to find interesting accounts. The suggested stories you can view are related to your interests.  Do you have an Instagram account? Would you like to have more followers?

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