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Snapchat is desperately trying to bring new, entertaining features to its users.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Snapchat really wants people to feel special on their birthdays, which is why the mobile app is treating its users with a new, special birthday filter. The exclusive feature can only be used once a year, on your birthday.

Facebook sends notifications to all your friends and invites them to wish you a happy birthday, and now Snapchat treats you with a new filter for your birthday. Soon enough, social media platforms will be the most important way of reaching people on their special, yearly celebrations.

The mobile messaging app, Snapchat, revealed its new “birthday party” feature this Tuesday. Now users can take a selfie, apply a “happy birthday” filter that features classical cake-like writing, balloons and candles, and send it to all their friends in order to, well, remind them that it’s their birthday.

If that sounds like your piece of cake, then all you have to do is go to the Settings menu and input your birthday. The app will then notify you on your special day, and also add a cake emoji next to your name so that friends and loved ones are also reminded of the importance of the day.

On one hand, it’s a pretty nice gesture that seems user-oriented. On the other, it may be that Snapchat wanted to do something special for its users in order to keep up the pace with Facebook.

The social media giant just announced a new feature that will be available soon for Android users. Anybody who has a Facebook account will be able to record a short, 15 seconds video, frame it in the different birthday-themed framework and post it on the wall of the respective friend.

The customizable videos are new to social media, so Facebook wins again in the innovation department. Also, the birthday cake emoji was implemented by Zuckerberg’s company before it was cool.

Snapchat treats you with a new filter for your birthday, letting you choose from balloons, a glittery “Happy Birthday” or a cake emoji in order to embellish your photos.

The filter would make sense in a different context. Like, for example, taking a picture at your birthday party surrounded by your friends, applying the said filter and then posting it on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.

But then again, why wouldn’t you take a selfie, write Happy Birthday on it and send it to your friends and family. The birthday cake emoji next to your name could go unnoticed.

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