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Scott Kelly is the present NASA poster employee. The astronaut is presently on the ISS.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – NASA’s poster astronaut, Scott Kelly hosted a space radio show where he spoke about his year-long experience on the Space Station. Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko have been a part of an experiment meant to determine the long-term effects that an exposure to space conditions has on the human body.

The two-hour radio show was centered on Kelly’s experience, difficulties and accomplishments. He also told the story about how he was chosen for this experiment and how zero-gravity conditions affect day to day tasks.

Scott Kelly hosted a space radio show on the “Third Rock” radio. The station is powered by non-other than the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. According to them, “Third Rock” is meant to inspire its listeners and engage the future generations of engineers and scientists.

The radio station was launched five years ago, in 2011. And judging from the tunes that they broadcast, NASA is really into indie and alternative rock.

Over the five years since it was first launched, “Third Rock” had numerous guest appearances from people involved in NASA projects and missions. Yesterday was Scott Kelly’s turn, the Twitter and Facebook-friendly astronaut that invited people over to the Space Station on Super Bowl Sunday and managed to pick the first flower that ever grew in space for this Valentine’s.

Scott Kelly hosted a space radio show where he talked about the mission that he is a part of. Kelly and Kornienko are the first people that spend an entire year in space, at once. The experiment is designed to test how the human body reacts when it is exposed to zero-gravity for such long periods of time.

The year-long experiment will end this March when Kelly and Kornienko will experience gravity once more when they will set foot on the planet.

Even though it has been a tough year for the American astronaut and the Russian cosmonaut, the experiment in which they both participated has tremendous scientific value. Future missions, including the much anticipated Mars mission, will use the data gathered by the two brave men to determine certain factors that were impossible to predict until now.

Apart from posting fantastic pictures with the Earth on social media, growing and harvesting the first flower that ever grew in space the American astronaut made his debut in the radio industry. Scott Kelly hosted a space radio show where he shared his year-long experience on the ISS.

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