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iPhone 6S Reviewed: New Model Isn't Revolutionary • Mirror Daily

Upon launching iPhone 6S, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s statement made us think that some exceptionally revolutionary smartphone was going to amaze us. “The only thing that’s changed is everything,” he said, but the actual reception of the new update was described more like a modest success than anything else.

In spite of the crazed response Cook got, the phone had little to show for when it comes to design, looking almost identical with its predecessor. Changes under the hood do exist, but they are far from being a surprise; the fans and the critics had already knew about nearly all of the iPhone 6S’s new features well in advance.

Peeling off the smartphone’s skin reveals updates such as the new 3D Touch, a touchscreen with incorporated pressure-sensitive sensors that react differently between a “peak” and a “pop,” in Apple’s terms. That means light touches and heavier taps are translated distinctly in what The Verge described as the “right-click for iPhone.”

Moreover, the Apple’s much-commended camera has finally got in line with many of its competitors, offering a 12-megapixel camera – that can film in 4K HD video – and a 5-megapixel frontal camera that will improve your selfie game.

One of the most important updates, however, is the powerful processor that not only leads to smoother operation, but also enhances the power management. This should mean that the smartphone’s recharging cycles should be more rarefied.

Tech reporters who attended Apple’s launch event in California have already poured in with reviews; while some agree the iPhone 6S is more powerful and worth the money, other are disappointed by its lack of revolutionary spark.

The Daily Telegraph, for example, is satisfied with the way Apple still managed to improve their game by upgrading to more resistant and resilient materials, expanding the color range for a broader user appeal, keeping the phablet size, and boosting the camera’s resolution.

The Guardian, however, wasn’t so kind on the launch. According to them, this is a classic Apple move, following their already established schedule of “tick, tock model.” The paper explained that every two years, the Silicon Valley company releases a big redesign – the “tick” – and then the next year comes the subtle but less impressive improvements – “the tock.”

According to their theory, the iPhone 6 was the tick, which makes the iPhone 6S the tock. It’s yet unclear if a few new features will be enough to keep the customers satisfied.

But users are starting to realize that the extra cash they need to put upfront for the top-rated brands is mostly for the “premium feel”, which comes for a costly price. Apple’s continuous success is based exactly on their willingness to keep on doing that that.
Image Source: Value Walk

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