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Iran And World Powers Seal ”Historic” Nuclear Deal • Mirror Daily

Iran, the United States and its allies have reached an agreement over the most important issues of Tehran’s nuclear program. The deal came after eight long days of talks in Switzerland.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini explained in a press conference the reached deal will set the foundation of a future complete nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers. The deadline for its conclusion was set on June 30.

The deal insists that the Fordow facility will become a nuclear physics center with no missile material. The two sides also agreed that the Natantz facility would remain the only uranium enrichment complex in Iran. Tehran is obliged to refrain from developing nuclear weapons.

According to Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, US and EU are to stop the international sanctions on Iran after the signing of the deal on June 30 and after IAEA verification, said

“The EU will terminate the implementation of all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions and the US will cease the application of all nuclear-related secondary economic and financial sanctions, simultaneously with the IAEA-verified implementation by Iran of its key nuclear commitments,” the statement said.

Under the future complete deal, Iran will not face any more UN Security Council resolution. “It will be an end to all UN resolutions against Iran,” added Zarif, who mentioned that the relationship between the US and Iran can be improved. “We have built mutual mistrust in the past, but some of it could be remedied by implementing the nuclear agreement,” he said in a press conference.

IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano, has praised the plan of the nuclear deal adding that his agency will verify the implementation of nuclear measures, after the agreement will be signed. Drafting the deal for the June 30 deadline will begin immediately, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

The agreement would improve the security situation in the Middle East. Iran would now be allowed to be more active in the efforts to resolve conflicts in the region, said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon aslo praised the deal. He mentioned that it could enable all countries to cooperate more urgently in front of the security challenges they face.

US President Barack Obama lauded the agreement from the White House, calling it a ”historic” step over Iran’s nuclear deal, which is not based on trust, but on on “unprecedented verification”.

Israel criticized the deal, saying it still oppose any nuclear program in Iran while adding that the agreement is detached from reality.

Image Source: Al Jazeera

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