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ISS Astronauts' First Impressions from Space upon Earth's Reentry • Mirror Daily

The team enoyed every moment during their last mission on ISS.

NASA delivered ISS astronauts’ first impressions from space upon Earth’s reentry causing many space aficionados to beg for more useful information. The three astronauts have spent more than six months in space in order to determine the effects of zero gravity upon individuals during long-term space missions.

The Expedition 43 was formed by Commander Terry Virts of NASA, Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency and Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. The trio was sent into the space last fall and has been sending data ever since.

The group of astronomers had to return on Earth several months ago, but the mission was postponed due to several technical issues that ISS encountered. According to the declaration of the scientists working at NASA, the first rocket that was sent on Earth failed to properly land.

The rocket landed on water on early May, so the administration decided to postpone the mission for a couple of weeks. Virts, Cristoforetti and Shkaplerov have finally entered Earth’s atmosphere at the beginning of the week and now, NASA is releasing ISS astronauts’ first impressions from space.

Padalka, who has been a commander on four other ISS missions, has spent 878 days in orbit. Experts at NASA have estimated that he is the commander with the most days spent in space.

Nevertheless, Padalka told the press that every mission has its own particularities. He has always felt like the first time in space, even though he has been on many other missions before.

As his most recent mission on the International Space Station has just ended, Padalka is now preparing for other upcoming projects. He has expressed his concerns for the upcoming missions as the last space launches have all started with glitches.

The team hopes the new ISS mission will not encounter any other problems and that everything will go as planned. The crew concluded their declaration by saying that everything is working properly on the International Space Station.

Although the crew has spent six months in the outer space, they still need more analyses related to the possible medical issues that astronomers may encounter when spending too much time within the zero gravity. Further experiments will be carried out in the future as NASA plans on starting a new mission on Mars by 2020.
Image Source: Space Coast Daily

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