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Googled postponed the release of Tap-to-Pay app on Android Wear.

Ever thought of paying at the store or at the restaurant using your Smartwatch only? Well, it would seem that you will soon be able to do that thanks to Google’s decision to bring this technology to smartwatch owners.

Recently, Google’s Play Store has upgraded its Android Wear apps library with several new items, including the much-awaited Tap-to-pay function. According to several press releases, it would seem that Google is in the final stages of testing out the new function on Android compatible smart wear.

So, in order to use the Tap-to-Pay app, you’re going to need a compatible Android-based smartwatch. Should the function be released, according to Google, if you have an NFC-ready smartwatch, you will be able to use the Tap-to-Pay function.

When the update is released, you will be able to use your Android-compatible smartwatch to pay for the things you buy. Although the project is still under development, and the Tap-to-Pay system only works in just a couple of places in the United States, the developers are confident that the technology will become available in more countries.

However, it would seem that we have to wait a while longer before we can use the Tap-to-Pay app on our smartwatches.

The same press releases that partially confirmed the function mentioned something about improved Android Wear 2.0 apps. Unfortunately, the second generation of Android Wear is not expected to hit the market until fall 2017.

It’s not yet entirely clear whether this feature will arrive with Android Wear 2.0 or before it. The only thing we know at the moment is that you will need to have a Samsung Gear S3 watch and Samsung Pay in order to use the feature.

Furthermore, it would seem that compatibility is not an issue. Apparently, the application is designed to operate on handsets running the KitKat 4.4 version.

It would seem that Google has a lot of catching up to do in terms of Tap-to-pay apps, considering the fact that iOS owners have been able to use this technology for over a year now. Has Google delayed the anticipated feature in order to improve its functionality or has the company given up on smartwatches?

One thing is for sure. The Tap-to-Pay app is on its way, as we speak, but whether it can match iOS’s time-honored app remain to be seen.

Image source: Flickr

The new Facebook Update brings options related to Halloween.

(Mirror Daily, United States) The latest Facebook update is concerned with live videos. The company is rolling out Snapchat-like filters which can be used online when streaming live on Facebook. The masks have augmented reality features and fit the faces of users perfectly.

The company announced that the first series of masks would be available starting the end of the month, just in time for Halloween. The new filters are specially designed for this occasion. So if you want to scare friends that you can’t meet these days, you can use the new Facebook update.

The new features of the live videos offer you the possibility of getting disguised as different characters. You can choose from several scary masks, such as the evil queen or king, a scary green witch, a hollow skull, and much more. However, if you want to be a good character, you can be a happy unicorn, a cute panda or any other character of your liking.

The masks listed above are only the first series introduced by Facebook for the live videos on the platform. After the celebration, new ones will appear, which will keep users excited about the novelty.

This Facebook update will be available on the platform, as well as on the Mentions application. Before releasing it, the company has tested similar features in Brazil and Canada.

According to officials, the first countries to receive the Facebook update are the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Live videos seem to be one of the main concerns of developers in the social media field. Snapchat started a real trend about filters and items which allow users to edit their footage in funny ways. Facebook is trying to keep up and don’t fall behind. The new feature for the live videos on the network seems like a good way of drawing the attention of users.

Apart from the Halloween masks, Facebook is also customizing the reaction bar in order to fit the celebration. The “Like” and “Love” button stay the same. However, the yellow face expressing laughter will be replaced by a purple witch laughing. The “wow” button will turn into a screaming ghost, while the “sad” face will feature Frankenstein’s morose countenance. And finally, the “angry” emoticon will display an evil-looking pumpkin.

If you haven’t thought about your Halloween costume yet, perhaps the new Facebook update provided you with some useful ideas. Remember you can trick-or-treat your friends on Facebook thanks to the new masks.

Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

You can create amazing drawings with the new 3D Paint version.

(Mirror Daily, United States) An official event from Microsoft was held yesterday, and the company announced its new 3D Paint version. They confirmed the rumor that the popular app would receive one of its most significant updates so far by allowing users to create 3D graphics. Both professional artists and amateurs will benefit from the latest features of the application.

The official press event from Microsoft was held in New York City on October 26. Officials from the company announced that the new 3D Paint version would be part of the Microsoft 10 package. Users might have expected that rather than the new version to be released as an independent app.

The new 3D Paint version combines classic, 2D elements with tridimensional ones. Some of the old tools are still to be found among the options. However, the new ones stand out, namely the possibility of creating 3D drawings.

The new features of the app offer users the chance of improving their skills with Paint. Also, there are many possibilities and effects that they can add to their drawings in order to make them truly unique and outstanding.

Other functions from Microsoft, such as Capture 3D, allow users to capture images from the real world as 3D objects and then custom them in Paint. Users can take the liberty of making whatever changes they want, like adding stickers, pictures or other 2D objects.

At the event, specialists also made a demonstration for the public. They used a sandcastle image which was customized so that the public should have a look at how the new app works.

Moreover, the new 3D Paint version can turn out to be extremely interesting for Minecraft fans. Officials also announced yesterday that players could open their Minecraft creations with Microsoft Paint. What’s more, they can also print than in 3D format thanks to the app.

The recent event in New York City confirmed previous leaks which suggested the spectacular drift from traditional, 2D drawings to 3D creations. The official announcement has surpassed expectations, by revealing that the app is related to other features and programs, such as Capture 3D and Minecraft.

Developers hope that the app will grow to be very popular with users. It is a new, modern product, which boosts their creativity and helps them discover new things and improve their skills in an easy and accessible way. You can learn, you can play, you can have fun with the new 3D version of Paint.

The Microsoft 10 package will be released next year, and that’s when users will receive the update version of Paint too.

Image courtesy of: DeviantArt

Instagram Stories can be found in the Explore tab too.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Officials from Instagram have recently announced a new update about their Instagram Stories. The stories of Instagram users are now available on the Explore tab as well. No less than one hundred million users visit the tab every day, according to officials. So this is a great opportunity to get new followers or become the follower of an interesting person. 

Instagram first released Instagram Stories earlier this year, in August. The app allows you to post as many photos and videos you want on your Instagram account during the day. Instead of being displayed as single posts, they are posted as a slide presentation, making the story of your day.

Instagram Stories only last for twenty-four hours. Afterward, they are not available on your account anymore. So if you had images that you didn’t like that much, you shouldn’t worry about them being exposed on your account anymore. What’s more, Instagram Stories disables comments and likes. So people who find your Instagram Stories interesting and want to contact you can do so by sending you a direct message.

You can custom the photos and videos for your story by adding stickers and text. You can change the context of the picture by suggesting a different environment. You can also make a funny picture seem serious, or a serious one seem funny. There are infinite possibilities, thanks to the tools provided by Instagram.

Developers at Instagram are aware of the advantages of the Explore tab. By displaying Instagram Stories on Explore, they hope to draw the interest of more and more users. Like any other type of content for Explore, users will find there the funniest, most interesting and creative Instagram Stories. So users will definitely won’t waste their time by scrolling through this selection of stories.

The idea behind the stories on Instagram is very much similar to the way in which the Snapchat app works. Both of them allow users to edit their pictures and videos, as well as save them for twenty-four hours. However, Snapchat is designed to help users communicate easily with close friends and family. For the time being, only the Instagram Stories are available on Explore.

Instagram Stories work with iOs and Android. Remember that the new update of the app allows you to find interesting accounts. The suggested stories you can view are related to your interests.  Do you have an Instagram account? Would you like to have more followers?

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The Apple Watch Nike+ has several neutral colors and lime-green details

(Mirror Daily, United States) Officials from Apple have recently announced that they will be holding a release event later on this month. While the date of the event has not been set yet, one of the latest Apple products will be released soon. The Apple Watch Nike+ is due to October 28, and it is one of the most awaited gadgets. Its software is one of the main reasons why. Here are some important features of the upcoming Apple Watch Nike+.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ is addressing sports people. They can use the device as a fitness tracker to monitor their pace when engaged in physical activities, such as running. The GPS system helps them with orientation, and the wrist wearable is enough for it. So runners have no need of their mobile phones, which can turn out to be quite comfortable.

Moreover, swimmers will also be enthusiastic about the Apple smartwatch, as the device is waterproof. So they can take it underwater as deep as fifty meters, with no need to worry about its resistance of efficiency.

The Nike+ edition is a sports version of the Series 2 Apple Watch. Its features are specially designed to meet all the necessary requirements for runners.

One of the most important features of the new product from Apple is the Nike application it will be running. The app allows users to keep accurate track of their workout progress. They can also use the option to compete with other runners using the same device.

Developers are interested in the customers’ feedback for the Nike app. The option could be extended to other Apple Watch editions, or it could be exclusive for the Nike+ device. However, the decision is up to developers.

As far as design is concerned, the new Apple Watch Nike+ comes with the advantage of several straps. Users can change them, and they can also pick breathable ones, which can prevent excessive sweat. On the gray and black colored straps, there are also lime-green details.

There are two models for the new Apple Watch Nike+, depending on their sizes. The device is available in a small version of thirty-eight millimeters, as well as a large version of forty-two millimeters.

The gadget was first announced in September. Only one month later, users have the opportunity of testing the real product. Are you looking forward to the release of the new Apple Watch Nike+?

Image courtesy of: Flickr

Google Sprayscape doesn’t provide users with high accuracy for their images.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Google Sprayscape is the latest application from the tech giant. It allows users to experience virtual reality in a unique way, via a 360-degree camera device. All that users have to do is have an Android mobile phone nearby and let their imagination run free.

Developers themselves describe Google Sprayscape as

“a perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera app for Android.”

This accounts for their intention of presenting an interesting, yet not revolutionary app. Their aim is to make it available to as many users as possible in order to be tried out.

Google Sprayscape offers a fun way of spending your time, and it can be classified as one of the apps encouraging digital artists.

All you have to do in order to enjoy the experience offered by Google Sprayscape is download the app on your mobile phone or other device featuring a camera. When you access the application, a specific background pops up. By touching the screen, you select areas that you want your camera to focus on.

The innovation brought by this app is that the images take the shape of an oval. Moreover, the application is guiding users through lines and arrows to follow in order to take the most interesting images and angles. The features of the app are set in such a way that users should have complete liberty when creating their footage.

As developers have already stated, the application is not supposed to provide users with high accuracy for their images. The result has the seaming of a picture collage with dispassionate areas. Google Sprayscape doesn’t come with many editing features either. There are three of them, and all include oval shapes.

You can have fun taking pictures and making collages of your friends eating, walking, of your pet going around the house or of buildings and surroundings. You can mix them in an original collage, to which you can even add selfies.

The app allows you to save the files in Google Drive, and you can also convert them into JPEGs. Once you are done editing your project, you can post it on Facebook so that everyone can see your latest work.

Google  Sprayscape is not a professional tool. It doesn’t require exceptional skills or advanced IT knowledge. You can create 360-degree images which have the seaming of surrealist works of art. The only thing you can test with this app is how far your imagination goes. Will you give it a try?

Image courtesy of: Flickr

Man testing Oculus Rift

(Mirror Daily, United States) Oculus made an important announcement last week. During a conference, officials from the company introduced to the public a new model of virtual reality device. It is called the Santa Cruz prototype. Its new features provide us with insight into how VR devices will look like in the future.

Now, what makes the Santa Cruz prototype so special? Well, first of all, it is a wireless device. The headset model has no wires and needs no PC connection. For the time being, it is just a prototype; so further adjustments can be made. However, it is quite a strong statement that the future of virtual reality is wireless.

The Santa Cruz prototype works on its own, with the help of in-built sensors and cameras. They capture the surroundings and map them for the user. People who use the device will be provided with accurate images. Because the headset is wireless, users don’t have to worry anymore about going too far from the connection source or tripping on the tangled wires.

There is another feature about the Santa Cruz prototype which makes it unique. It has its own power source, so the services of a computer to control it are also out of the question.

Facebook and Oculus are working together in order to present tech enthusiasts with a one of a kind experience. The Santa Cruz prototype can give it to them. The device was introduced to the public through a presentation video. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attended the Oculus Connect event, where almost two thousand five hundred other producers were also present.

The people present had to ask for a special session in order to actually see and test the Santa Cruz prototype. The device was not displayed in the conference room. Those who were interested in seeing it had the chance to do it during a three or four minutes demo experience with the device.

The session of people who wanted to test the device was held in a separate room. According to those who tried it out, the room was quite small, well-lit, and displayed several items on the walls. These items stood as reference points for the cameras.

Developers are proud about the prototype. However, this is just an intermediate phase, as they intend to bring the device further improvements. Naturally, it is not available for sale, as there are more details to be set about it. Are you looking forward to the official release?

Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

Previous model of  Wacom MobileStudio Pro tablet and pen

(Mirror Daily, United States) Tech developers thought about an interesting way of addressing artists. Wacom designs its MobileStudio Pro device with this purpose. The gadget is hard to classify, as it has both the features of a tablet and a PC. Now, what makes it so interesting for artists?

The Wacom MobileStudio Pro has the seaming of a tablet. It is thin, and you can hold it. However, it also displays features such as Windows 10, which make it resemble a PC. It also has a 4K display, which users would find quite exciting. This feature assures the high quality accuracy of images. Developers also state that color accuracy is up to ninety-six percent.

The new tablet from Wacom addresses 2D and 3D artists, as well as designers and CAD creators.  The screen touch options and the pen make it come in handy for people who are into drawing and graphics.

There are two MobileStudio Pro tablet models available, namely a thirteen-inch one, and a sixteen-inch one. Each of them has several other variants, according to the capacity of the memory. Function of this feature, the price also varies. The price of small models starts from one thousand fifty hundred dollars, while their larger versions have a price tag starting two thousand four hundred dollars.

What makes these tablets suitable for a professional artist? The developers kept in mind their particular needs when creating the product. The Wacom MobileStudio Pro device has specific applications already installed, such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

The new Wacom MobileStudio Pro tablets display an important improvement. They are the first product which features the new Pro Pen 2. It is the latest model in terms of pen technology. It provides users with improved accuracy, and it is up to four times more advanced than previous versions. Creators will now be able to design models easier.

Both models also feature a 3D camera. Artists can use it to capture 3D images of the items and landscapes around them. They can use the images as a starting point for their creative work.

Ed Neumann, one of the managers at Wacom, assures the public that the MobileStudio Pro tablets are one of the best products dedicated to artists. He declares the following:

“Our long-standing relationship with the professional creative community enabled us to develop a game-changing solution for the creative market that exceeds customer expectations and provides the best, most natural, and [most] precise creative experience imaginable.”

Even if you are not an artist, this exciting device from Wacom makes you become one. Thanks to the MobileStudio Pro tablets, it will be easier to get into the swing of it.

Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

Former Honda Civic model

(Mirror Daily, United States) The widely-appreciated Paris Motor Show begun this weekend in the city capital of France, and it will last for the next two weeks, until October 16. One of the most remarkable models that visitors can see is the new Honda Civic Type R Concept. Here are some details on the impressive vehicle.

Although it is just a concept, the Honda model drew a lot of attention from visitors and specialists. The features of the Honda Civic Type R Concept can only predict good things about the upcoming vehicle, which will be destined to production.

The new Honda Civic Type R Concept has both the looks and the technology that can turn the model into the public’s favorite. As far as design is concerned, developers were inspired by that of Civic Hatchback, another car from Honda. It naturally features the red Honda label, while the body is elegantly black. The air dam is a bit larger than that of the hatchback model. The wheels display red stripes, which elegantly match the other subtle red details of the car, contrasting with the black color.

The lights on the front are white, but the taillights are also red, which lead to more contrast. The back of the car also features the Type R badge, and the Honda sign, just like the front. The tailpipes are positioned in the middle, as opposes to the side tailpipes of previous models.

The new Honda Civic Type R Concept brings improvement if compared to previous models. It has approximately three hundred fifty horsepower. All in all, it can be described as a more aggressive car, in both looks and action. Even the shape of the car contributes to it.

Although specialists and visitors can tell details on the appearance of the car just by looking at it, they still don’t know what is inside the new Honda Civic Type R Concept. Developers haven’t released any information yet. The former Type R model featured many red details. However, it was quite different from its own former model.

With its elegant, but sporty design, the new Honda Civic Type R Concept keeps its mysteries behind closed doors. However, there are still some high points about its exterior which make us believe that the interior is just as good. Is the new  Honda Civic Type R Concept one of your favorite cars at the Paris Motor Show this year?

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BlackBerry Company Logo

(Mirror Daily, United States) Gone are the times when owning a BlackBerry smartphone meant you were the owner of supreme technology.  As more advanced models started to appear, BlackBerry fell behind. However, this doesn’t mean that the company gave up, but it chose another path. Now, what’s in store for BlackBerry fans?

The BlackBerry company announced last week that it would stop producing smartphones. On the other hand, developers will start to focus more on software. The decision of the company brings advantages in the technology field, and they will surely be revealed soon.

The BlackBerry company started its projects several years ago when competitors like Samsung or Apple gained popularity with users.  Chief executive officer John S. Chen declared on behalf of the company:

“We believe that the phone market is evolving more and more into the intelligence market.”

Rephrasing the officials’ words, this means that the BlackBerry company will dedicate money and effort to what makes a smartphone smart and not a phone. Although they will have nothing to do with competitors on the smartphone market, they will meet competition in the software field. Here they have to meet tech giants like Google’s Android, which already has a solid fan base. So the decision of getting into a new business is not free of risks for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry also tried to develop touchscreen models, such as BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The Canadian-based company is one of the favorite in the homeland, Canada. Specialists believe that BlackBerry will keep many of its users as a software developer too. In addition to these, they will draw much more.

However, BlackBerry lets the mission of manufacturing mobile phones to partner companies. While the hardware part is covered by them, BlackBerry will take over software production and system security issues.

Despite the recent decision of giving up manufacturing, BlackBerry is a referential name in the domain of mobile phone development. Its products and devices have been used by companies, business people, celebrities and regular buyers without disappointing them. It is not the inefficiency of the goods which drove customers to other brands and labels, but the intense competition on the market.

Judging by the significant success the company had in the past, BlackBerry is most likely to make a spectacular comeback. More than thirty years have passed since its founding as Research In Motion Ltd. All these years account for the high quality of the products. Does BlackBerry count on your trust for their comeback?

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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