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it's better to be tall and slim •

Artists begun to embody the impossible standards that society is forcing upon men and women.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Recently a new trend dictates that “real women have curves”. Even Daisy Riley, the new protagonist of the Star Wars franchise has been accused of setting an impossible body standard for women because of her slim figure. But never mind what Meghan Trainor is telling you, according to the researchers, tall and slim people have it better in life.

It seems that not only women are stigmatized when they gain an extra pound, but men also suffer when they are missing a few inches. And according to the study that was published in the BM Journal on Wednesday, scientifically, tall and slim people have it better in life.

Until now psychologists believed that the short men who managed to achieve greatness in history were fueled by a desire to overcompensate for their physical flaws. This sort of paranoid complex made them want to work harder and achieve greater things.

But the latest research shows that they weren’t paranoid at all. Scientifically, short men and overweight women have to face more challenges and usually earn less than tall Prince Charming and slender Cinderella.

A team of British scientists studied socio-economic and genetic data from 120,000 people with ages between 37 and 73. And according to the paper, they published on Wednesday tall, and slim people have it better in life than short men and overweight women. The slim ladies and tall gentlemen fared better in matters of job class, income and education.

But this is not the first study that concentrated on the importance of men’s height. Previous research showed that more than a third of the CEOs present in the Fortune 600 list are taller than 6 feet.

Furthermore, scientists from Florida University determined that tall men earned more than their shorter companions per inch. Moreover, because of this socially accepted form of discrimination, short men are predisposed to heart conditions and die due to heart attacks more often because of their jealousy.

On the other hand, women are not affected by height. They could be short, tall, or average; height doesn’t really matter as long as they have a slim figure.

The findings of the British scientists only come to reinforce the social stereotypes that are widely used in our day and age. But there is still good news. In some countries, women with a higher BMI are considered more beautiful, thus are more successful.

Maybe the “real women have curves” movement will actually make the present society forget about the skeletal features imposed on women. But until then, tall and slim people have it better in life than their shorter, curvier counterparts.

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