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Janice Dickinson Sued Bill Cosby Again • Mirror Daily

Bill Cosby is now 78 years old and it has been a while since he done any acting.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Just a few days after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Janice Dickinson sued Bill Cosby again. This time, the former supermodel claims that Cosby’s denial of his rape made her re-live the entire traumatic and experience and re-victimize herself.

According to Dickinson’s claims, back in 1982, she was at a lake cabin with the comedian actor. It seems that his charms were not convincing enough to get her to bed on her own free will, so he slipped some drugs into her drink and then raped her.

Cosby denied the accusation and his lawyers managed to prove his innocence. But Cosby’s subterfuge caused the ex-supermodel to feel re-victimized. But Dickinson’s lawyers are contending the denials.

Debre Katz Weintraub, the court judge in charge of the Dickinson vs. Cosby case, has emitted a motion that allows the lawyers of both parts to address questions.

The hearing taking place today, Tuesday the 29th of March, comes only a day after the famous ex-supermodel announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and that she will be forced to undergo radiation treatment and surgery.

The comedian’s lawyers are seeking to obtain a dismissal because they claim that Dickinson has been giving different accounts of the incident between her and Cosby over the years.

Furthermore, they are arguing that the letters sent to the media by the comedian’s former attorney were not legally protected communications and that they shouldn’t receive any supplementary protection.

Dickinson tried to write about her traumatizing Lake Tahoe experience in a memoir from 2002 entitled “No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel”, but the publisher she was collaborating with refused to include the story in the book.

Dickinson was then cast as a member of “The Surreal Life” show on VH1 and “America’s Next Top Model” on UPN.

This is not the first time that Cosby has been sued by a woman claiming she has been raped by the African American comedian. Dozens of such accusations have been directed towards the 78 years old actor. Most of the claims were resolved, but one will forever be remembered by his fans.

Back in 2004, a former worker at the Temple University charged Bill Cosby will sexual assault. She claimed that the comedian raped her in his suburban home in Philadelphia. He was found guilty, and the actor is now free because he paid his bail of $1 million.

And now, because Janice Dickinson sued Bill Cosby again after hearing she has breast cancer, his freedom could be put at risk.

Image source: Flickr

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