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Jessica Alba’s Response to Angry Customers’ Lawsuit • Mirror Daily

Jessica is facing accusations for intentionally deceiving her Honest Company’s customers.

Spokespersons published Jessica Alba’s response to angry customers’ lawsuit on Friday evening. The actress could pay $5 million if her Honest company is found to have been selling non-natural products.

Jessica Alba is a strong supporter of natural and bio ingredients, if we were to judge by the official declarations she has made in the past years. The Hollywood bombshell claims, like most actresses in Hollywood, that her gorgeous looks is due entirely to natural cosmetics and treatments she uses.

These declarations have worked wonders especially for Jessica Alba’s Honest company, which proclaimed itself as the only seller of 100 percent natural products for the entire family. Customers, however, have different opinions about this; they have always labeled Alba’s products as weak and did not include them in their top recommended products list.

Things grew worse at the beginning of the summer when many Internet users have rallied against Jessica Alba’s company because they have suffered severe sun burns while using Honest sunscreen lotions. The actress did not pay attention to their complaints and insisted in stating that all the ingredients that the company is using are natural.

Jonathan D. Rubin, one of the deceived customers, has decided to take things to court and filed lawsuit against the actress on Friday. His complaint represents all customers’ grievances related to the poor quality of Honest products.

This is not all, Rubin is asking $5 million compensation because the company is not correctly labeling their products. According to his declaration, there are many children’s cosmetics, such as, the Honest Hand Soap, the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner and the Honest Diapers that contain “synthetics”, even though Honest reps have always assured customers that their products are natural.

Rubin claims Alba’s Honest Company has rubbed customers by selling them deceptive products. They are now asking the enterprise to change their labeling system and to pay for the health problems they have caused to some customers.

Jessica Alba tried to save her face and the face of the company by stating that she has personally made sure that Honest cosmetics contained only natural ingredients. In fact, she and her family have been using these products ever since the company was created; therefore, she would not have recommended them if she hadn’t been entirely convinced of their efficiency.

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