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Joe Hennessey • Author at Mirror Daily

The nuclear tests conducted during the Cold War interfered with space weather and changed it.

The tensed taciturn conflict between the United States and the USSR lasted for about 45 years. In this time, both parties were sharpening their skills and weapons to win an invisible race. In this process were involved nuclear tests. Even though there was no need in the end to launch a nuke, the countries made sure their deadly weapons were truly working. It was only recently that scientists discovered that these tests changed space weather.

Nuclear Tests during the Cold War Created Artificial Radiation Belts

The journal Space Science Reviews published a new paper entitled “Anthropogenic Space Weather.”  According to this study, nuclear tests that reached high altitudes during the Cold War constructed human-made radiation shields near Earth.

Our planet is already surrounded by Van Allen radiation belts. However, these are natural and managed to attain a synergetic relationship with Earth most of the time. On the other hand, the artificial shields made way to electrically charged, hot areas. As a consequence, scientists believe that this human-made phenomenon was responsible for severe damages to some of the Earth’s satellites.

VLF Waves Are Another Human-Generated Waves that Have a Protective Nature

It is estimated that both U.S. and USSR conducted over 500 nuclear tests. However, most of these weapons were triggered in the atmosphere at a minimum distance of 16 miles above Earth. Their effects continue to affect the quality of space weather. They create geomagnetic storms that impair national space agencies’ works and communication satellites alike. This study is of great importance to space knowledge. Based on these findings, people can assess the nature of space weather better and how it can truly affect the human kind.

Another finding that stemmed from this very paper as well regards a secondary utility of the Very Low Frequency waves. These are a type of radio waves that submarines are usually employing for communication. These are human-made also, yet this time they are acting in favor of Earth. This is because scientists managed to observe that they formed a shield around the planet that keeps harmful radiation at bay.

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Facebook Messenger receives a redesign of the home screen

To maintain the popularity of the messaging app, Facebook added a lot of features on Messenger in the last few months. The latest changes include several options meant to improve navigation and make it easier for users to work with the app.

Messenger improves navigation with a series of new tabs

The social media app brought a series of minor changes on Messenger to help users navigate more easily. The home screen received a redesign, so that users could pick up easily from where they left off. This helps them manage more conversations at the same time.

The home screen has now been split into several tabs, namely messages, active contacts, and group chats. These are present at the top of the screen, so that users can easily visit them any time they want. When there is a new activity to check, each section will display a red dot to inform people they have something new to see.

You can now play games directly from Messenger

Instant Games, the newest feature added on Facebook Messenger, also gets its own button. This will allow users to play these games directly from the app. It is added among a series of other tabs situated at the bottom of the screen. These include Home, Calls, People, and the Camera button, which became smaller, to avoid accidental pressing.

The most visible tab remains Messenger Day, another Snapchat-inspired feature which Facebook added as a desperate attempt to maintain the supremacy of the messaging app. The company announced that these changes will roll out this week everywhere in the world, for both Android and iOS.

Facebook might be trying to improve the user experience but, at the same time, Messenger gets crowded with dozens of features. Do you think this update will make it easier for you to navigate the app?
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Several institutions in Wisconsin created a website to help people struggling with mental issues

(Mirror Daily, United States) – To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the Northeast Wisconsin Mental Health connection decided to launch a special website for those struggling with mental issues. The website offers them easy access to any information they seek, as well as whatever services they might need.

A few days after the official launch of, Beth Clay, the executive director of the aforementioned institution, presented the services that the website can provide. The site gathers links from more than 300 services and resources offered to mental health patients in the counties of Winnebago, Outagamie, and Calumet.

The website offers useful information on mental health matters

Besides, it gathers data on substance abuse, health centers which offer screening, and all the necessary contact information. The website also offers the link to an insurance company, where you can find out everything that is covered in their policy.

If you are unsure about your condition, the platform offers a complete library describing all conditions and illnesses which can affect your mental health. Deriving from this library, you can also create your own profile where to store all your mental health records. Don’t worry, this system is properly encrypted, so your medical history stays safe.

Many institutions support this cause

Many agencies and institutions collaborated to designate this platform. Its main inspiration comes from United Ways’ 211 program, but they added 100 more services to the list. Among the collaborators, there are several police agencies in the state, which want to honor Mental Health Awareness Month as they should.

It happens often that they receive emergency calls from people struggling with such issues. Instead of bringing stigma around it, they encourage people to call whenever they need help. To show their support, officers wear green ribbons and raise awareness about this cause. You can also pick up green ribbons from many police offices in Wisconsin.

Through this initiative, the organizations want to show people that having mental health issue is not shameful. Also, they deserve to be helped, so they should always seek expert advice whenever they feel vulnerable.
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A recent survey discovered that women are more likely to be affected by depression

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent survey performed by the Mental Health Foundation suggests that women are more likely to suffer from depression and experience panic attacks than men. Around three quarters of the interviewed women reported that they had at least one mental health issue during their lifetime.

Researchers from the Mental Health Foundation explained why this happens. Women appear to struggle more with their family responsibilities and with childcare. At the same time, they have to embrace a cheerful attitude in public, so they constantly have to switch between moods.

Women, more sensitive than men

Society puts a huge pressure on women, who have to take care of children, deal with their responsibilities, and conform to the current beauty standards. This is why sometimes they cannot cope with all these requirements, so they start experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, or many other issues.

Jenny Edwards, the CEO of the foundation, explained that women are more sensitive than men from certain points of view. For instance, they tend to worry more about their relationships and the emotional aspects in their lives.

The survey questioned more than 2,000 people from England, Wales, and Scotland. It found out that a third of women suffered at least one panic attack in their lives, compared to 19 percent of men. Also, 45 percent of women and 40 percent of men struggled with depression, and almost half of the women experienced sleep troubles.

Some of them decide to comfort themselves by eating more, which might become a problem if they gain weight and become more depressed. Also, one in seven women reported suffering from post-natal depression, and eight percent experienced PTSD.

Younger people are more likely to struggle with mental health issues, since they suffer a lot more social pressure. Also, older people engage in healthy activities more often, and do more to preserve their mental state.

Unfortunately, most people are likely to struggle with such issues at least once in their lifetime. What they can do is learn what is good for them and not hesitate to ask for help when they feel they can no longer cope with their situation.
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Cleveland authorities reported that a 20-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after falling from a balcony.

The Cleveland authorities have reported that a woman survived after falling from a height of 15 feet. It appears that the event occurred on Friday afternoon, at around 2:30 pm. The initial reports stated that the woman died as a result of her injuries, but according to a MetroHealth spokesperson, it appears that this report was erroneous, the 20-year-old woman having been transported to the local hospital in critical, yet stable condition.

Detective Reginald Lanton of the Cleveland Police Department stated that on Friday afternoon, a 20-year-old was rushed to the hospital, after taking a fall from a balcony belonging to the Spirits Restaurant & Bar, located at the West 6th Street.

According to the initial investigation, it appears that the woman was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the Cleveland Bar. At one point, the woman climbed on the balcony and might have probably rested her back against the railing.

Unfortunately, the 20-year-old woman lost her balance and fell over the railing. The authorities estimated that the balcony from where the woman is at least 15 feet from the ground. Upon hitting the granite pavement, the 20-year-old St. Patrick’s Day attendant hit her had

Lantons declared that, according to the initial reports, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. However, a few hours later, a MetroHealth spokesperson stated that the initial report concerning the 20-year-old patient is erroneous.

Moreover, it would seem that shortly after the woman fell from the balcony, an ambulance arrived and rushed her to the hospital. At the moment, the woman is still in critical, yet stable condition.

Detective Lanton, Cleveland Police Department’s spokesperson, declared for a news outlet that the authorities are currently trying to determine if this occurrence is the result of an unfortunate accident or if someone intentionally pushed the woman.

Lanton said that, at the moment, all evidence recovered from the scene point out towards this being an accident, probably caused by too much celebrating. However, the authorities have yet to dismiss the possibility of foul play.

For the time being, the authorities have decided to close down the Spirit Restaurant & Bar due to hazardous conditions. As for the 20-year-old woman who fell from the balcony, the authorities have refused to release her identity and to disclose any relevant information regarding her condition.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Investigative Unit have placed the locale and its owners under scrutiny.

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A Chicago grandmother has been found guilty of first-degree murder after strangling and brutally beating to death her 8-year-old granddaughter.

A Chicago grandmother has recently been found guilty of first-degree murder, after brutally beating her 8-year-old granddaughter to death in July 2013. Given the brutal nature of the crime, the 55-year-old Chicago grandmother might be ordered to serve a life sentence. During the trial, the woman showed no signs of remorse for her deed.

On Thursday, 55-year-old Helen Ford of Chicago was found guilty of beating her 8-year-old granddaughter to death back in July 2013. While the 8-year-old girl’s relatives burst into tears during the woman’s trial, Evelyn Clay, the judge who presided over Ford’s trial cried in outrage, declaring that the poor girl endured unimaginable torture before her death.

Despite the relative’s emotional response, the Chicago grandmother remained calm during the trial and showed no sign of regret. According to court documents, Helen Ford brutally beat and then strangled 8-year-old Gizzell Ford. The reason why the woman decided to torture and murder her granddaughter in cold blood remain unknown.

Furthermore, the evidence presented by the family’s prosecutors reveal that the girl was already dying at the time the Chicago grandmother attacked her. As the girl’s biological mother was homeless and destitute, the girl was sent to live with her father and grandmother.

During her stay, Ford and the girl’s father refused to give her food and water and did everything they could to keep her awake and alert. Gizzell Ford autopsy revealed that, due to the inhumane treatment, the girl was suffering from kidney failure.

Probably the most haunting piece of evidence presented during Ford’s trial was Gizzell’s journal. In her last entry, the distressed girl wrote that she grew tired of her life and that she fears that she will soon be in great peril.

The prosecutors declared that the girl was sent to live with her grandmother and father since her mother was destitute. However, it turned out that Gizzell’s father is a convicted criminal and that he doesn’t have a job. All this time, the girl’s mother tried to regain custody.

Prior to the trial, the girl’s father was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, but the man died in prison after he had a heart attack. Now, the girl’s mother intends to file a lawsuit against DCFS, accusing a worker of overlooking the sign which might have pointed out that the girl was in distress after being sent to live with her grandmother and father.

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Boston bystander recorded how a group a turkeys circled around a dead cat.

When it comes to Mother Nature, ‘bizarre’ is the word of the day. Probably most of us have witnessed some sort of strange animal behavior like dogs barking at the moon or cats staring insistently into a corner. How would you feel seeing a bunch of turkeys moving in circles around the body of a recently deceased cat?

Recently, the residents of a quiet neighborhood from Boston bore witness to a most unusual event. Out on the street, at least a dozen turkeys were circling around what appeared to be the corpse of a cat, most likely ran over by a passing motorist. Oddly enough, none of the turkeys seemed to mind performing the ceremony, which involved following the member in front of him.

It goes without saying that this kind of incident couldn’t have gone unnoticed, so a passerby pulled out his phone, recorded the whole ritual, and uploaded the video on his Twitter account. The video which depicted the strange and almost ritualistic dance was shared countless of times and even attracted the attention of animal behavior researchers.

After studying the video, Alan Krakauer of the University of California stated that there’s nothing supernatural about a bunch of turkeys circling around a dead cat. The biologist declared that the turkeys in question merely approached the predator in order to assess its posture.

Although it might seem a bit risky, this type of behavior helps the prey discourage the predator. Krakauer also explained that this ritual also helps the prey better understand the predator.

Basically, the turkeys gathered around the dead feline in an attempt to determine its intention. As for the circling part, the biologist said that grouping increases the prey’s chance of getting out alive. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for birds such as turkeys, pheasants, and even chicken to get stuck in a never-ending loop, as the whole purpose of this exercise is to follow the one in front of you.

The University of California researcher revealed that he had seen this type of behavior before when a group of turkey circle around a coyote.

Of course, there’s no fun in a purely scientific explanation, so the researcher ended his speech by saying that the turkeys probably tried to perform a dance of yore in an attempt to bring the dead feline back to life. Who knows? Maybe the birds were part of an animal necromancy group.

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New high-tech gadget developed in Israel can curb pain associated with migraines.

Remember the last you had a debilitating migraine? Probably most of us know how bothersome migraines can be – they can strike without warning, and the effects can last for a whole day if not treated with the appropriate drugs. But you can now forget about migraine drugs because a team of Israeli researchers was successful in developing a device which can reduce and block migraine-associated pains altogether using mild electric shocks.

The study pertaining to the use of mild intensity electrical shock in the treatment of migraine-associated pains has been undertaken by a team of neurologists from the Rambam Medical Center in Israel. Dr. David Yarnitsky, the head of the neurology department and the lead researcher, declared that the new treatment for migraines is efficient, safe, and has no discernable side-effects.

Yarnitsky pointed out that the revolutionary device has been tested on over 70 patients, and it has been able to block out over 200 migraines. The treatment involves applying a coin-sized patch on the patient’s arm. The tiny device contains dozens of rubber electrodes and a smart chip which regulates the apparatus’s activity.

Furthermore, the chip also allows the patch to connect with any type of mobile device. In fact, Yarnitsky declared that the migraine patch could be controlled via a regular Android/iOS/Windows Phone application.

So, how does the device work? The head scientist explained that the patch is able to interrupt the migraine-associated pain signals from reaching the brain. Moreover, by stimulating the skin at the precise moment, the device triggers the chronic pain modulation system (our brain’s very own pain management program). Once activated, the brain will reduce or even block out entirely any pain associated with migraines.

The device developed at the Rambam Medical Center has three settings, each one suitable for a different pain level.

Yarnitsky declared that the device was tested on 71 participants. To assess the device’s efficiency in blocking pain signal, the researchers used real electric shocks as well as dummy ones. At the end of the trial, more than 64 percent of patients said that their pain had been cut in half, two hours after having received the treatment. They received real electric shocks.

On the other hand, only 24 percent of patients who have received dummy shocks said that they’d experienced a reduction in pain levels.

Yarnitsky said the device will soon be ready to be commercialized and added that he hope it will be approved by US’s FDA next year.

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Houston authorities declared an 8-year-old was fatally shot following a car accident.

A freak incident taking place on Saturday Morning claimed the life of 8-year-old D’Maree Adkins from Houston, Texas. Investigators believe this to be the case of road rage and have yet managed to identify a suspect. The eight-year-old died at the hospital the same day, after being hit by a stray bullet.

Houston’s Police Department is currently trying to establish why an infant was shot following a car accident. According to the investigators, the authorities were called on early Saturday morning, at approximately 2, by an eyewitness who said that at least two or three vehicles traveling at high speed were involved in an accident south of Fuqua Street.

The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene declared that a Honda Accord collided with a Pontiac. The Honda Accord’s and Accord’s drivers were unharmed, but an 8-year-old girl was discovered in critical condition.

Toyia Thomas, the Pontiac’s driver, and D’Maree’s mother declared that she left the Beltway 8 and was about to arrive at the first intersection when she saw that the traffic light changing. Thomas said that another car approached at high speed from the opposite direction and that she had no time to react.

Seconds later, the woman’s car got hit by the Pontiac. Fortunately, both Thomas and the Pontiac’s driver got out of the crash with only a few scrapes and bruises. As the woman recalls, after the accident happened, another vehicle, described as being a four-door black sedan, pulled next to Thomas’s car, and a gunshot was heard.

Thomas said that the other vehicle was driven by a woman. After hearing the gunshot, the woman went to check on 8-year-old D’Maree who was sitting in the car’s backseat. Thomas said that the little girl was sleeping quietly when the accident happened.

When the woman picked up her daughter, she saw a small patch of blood on her chest. Upon lifting her shirt, Thomas realized that the bullet fired from the other car injured the little girl. Unfortunately, D’Maree Adkins died shortly after being taken to the local hospital.

At the moment, the investigators are trying to establish if there is a connection between the Pontiac’s vehicle driver and the unknown woman assailant who opened fire on Thomas’s car. Although the case was labeled as homicide, the investigators believe this to be a case of road rage gone terribly wrong.

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Galveston family roasted deceased member in long obituary.

In general, obituaries are meant to honor the dead and to tell everyone else what a good person he or she was in dead. Probably the golden rule of speaking about the deceased is that it’s probably a bad idea to speak or to write unkind words. However, a Galveston family deemed necessary to show the rest of the world what kind of individual the late Lesley Ray “Popeye” Charping really was.

The whole thing started when Lesley Ray “Popeye” Charping, a Galveston resident, passed away on the 30th of January, at the venerable age of 74, after losing the battle with cancer. One would imagine that the bereft family would write an extensive obituary, honoring the septuagenarian’s life.

However, Charping’s family believed that their relative did not deserve a heartfelt obituary, and opted to write one that was closer to the truth. Charping’s obituary, which was initially posted on a funeral home’s website, was, as one would be inclined to say, a major roast.

The obituary written by the Galveston family started off by saying the old man passed away at the venerable age of 74, after losing the battle with cancer. However, they go on saying that Charping lived 29 years longer than expected and deserved.

After reading the first paragraph, one would know that this is not your usual obituary, and the person in question was not a Samaritan in life. The obituary details the marvelous exploits of Charping, saying that he abused his family on many occasions, was addicted to drugs and alcohol and that he had several encounters with the law.

The family also mentions that Popeye was an incurable womanizer and that he had a long history of mental issues. Charping’s obituary was long, truculent, and, in many ways, it was considered poetic justice.

Shortly after posting the obituary on the funeral home’s website, the Galveston family was asked to remove it, as it was much too disrespectful. After some consideration, the man’s family posted a second version of the obituary, which was equally truculent as the first one.

Probably the most Picante part of the document was the end, where the family mentioned that the late Popeye will be cremated and that his ashes will be scattered and kept in the family’s barn, among donkey manure.

So, the morale of the story would be to keep in mind that the people you make fun of or abuse during your life will be the ones writing your obituary.

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