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John Oliver Condemns GOP’s Reaction to the Oregon Mass Shooting • Mirror Daily

John Oliver on GOP’s mental plans.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Judging by his most recent observations, John Oliver condemns GOP’s reaction to the Oregon mass shooting. Like many other Americans, the Hollywood actor believes Republicans fail to address the real issue at hand: the weak gun control regulations.

John Oliver opened last night’s “Last Week Tonight” show with one of the most discussed subjects at present, namely, the recent mass shooting event in Oregon. For those of you who may not yet be familiar with the subject, an Oregon-based community college was shut down last Thursday after an Army drop-out got into an English classroom and killed nine students, including their teacher.

Republicans had a very slow reaction to the recent events; they only limited themselves to saying that the shooter was a mentally ill person. In their opinion, the U.S. mental health system has to be improved in order to prevent similar mass shootings from taking place again in the future.

John Oliver, however, is of a different opinion. He considers GOP representatives use mentally ill people as an excuse for poor gun control, the issue that Republicans have been ignoring for years. In the actor’s opinion, it is not the mental diseases that make people violent, but rather the lack of proper regulations preventing certain individuals from using guns.

Patients in mental institutions are not as violent as people behind bars, according to John Oliver. As a matter of fact, patients are usually the victims of other people’s violence, which is why the GOP should adopt a proper health plan to offer them improved therapies.

While he may criticize GOP’s reaction to the Oregon mass shooting, John Oliver is convinced that some of the plans that Republicans have suggested can prove very efficient if correctly applied. He hopes the new system will also enable medical experts to identify mentally ill people before their symptoms become too advanced to be treated.

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