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Jury Declares That Baby Powder Caused Cancer • Mirror Daily

Baby powder was declared to be a factor which triggers ovarian cancer.

(Mirror Daily, United States) A lawsuit held in St. Louis established the health risks of baby powder. Deborah Giannecchini, from Modesto, California, started legal action to prove that products from Johnson & Johnson can cause cancer. Her particular case was ovarian cancer, and she won the lawsuit.

Deborah Giannecchini had been using baby powder from Johnson & Johnson for years. However, four years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Ever since she has been trying to raise awareness about the health risks brought about by the care products. Now she proved her point, and also won seventy million dollars as compensation for damages.

The trial against Johnson & Johnson started on September 26. Only a month later, the woman succeeded in proving her claim. Her lawyer, Jim Onder, was also pleased with the jury’s decision.

There were similar trails in New Jersey too. Two women tried to demonstrate that products such as baby powder can pose health threats. They were also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, the New Jersey trials didn’t benefit the accusers. Winning the lawsuits would also have brought to them millions of dollars as compensation.

Many studies were conducted by specialists to determine whether baby powder can trigger ovarian cancer or not. However, no explicit connection between the two was found.  The products were declared safe on several occasions.

Statistics show that about 1.7 million people in the United States who will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. Out of all the cases, approximately twenty-two thousand will be identified as ovarian cancer. The rate makes this type of the disease be classified as rare. However, it is still a dangerous form of the disease, which can lead to the death of the patient in most of the cases.

Specialists explain that certain women are more prone to develop the disease than other. Hispanics, African-Americans, and overweight women are more likely to have ovarian cancer than white women. Moreover, senior women and those who never had babies are also more vulnerable to the disease than young women and mothers.

Although there are no certain causes which trigger cancer, it is common knowledge that the medical history of the family is highly important. So if there are cases of ovarian or breast cancer in the families, other members can develop the disease too.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the best labels on the market. However, there were some issues related to the company’s products in the past too, and developers had to change the formula.

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