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Kentucky Teen Chases Away Shark by Punching Him in the Face • Mirror Daily

A teen from Kentucky managed to survive a shark encounter by punching the beast in its face.

On the subject of things you just don’t see every day, we bring you the story of a 17-year-old teenager from Florida who narrowly survived an encounter with a shark by punching him right in the face. According to the Florida authorities, the teen emerged victorious from her shark encounter, but her wounds required immediate medical attention.

Caitlyn Taylor is a 17-year old teenager from the city of Louisville. On the day of the attack, Taylor went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. According to her girl’s mother, Caitlyn was in Florida with her whole high school softball team, enjoying her spring break.

The girl is a major sports lover, and swimming is one of Taylor’s favorite activities. Caitlyn recalls that she was swimming for no more than a couple of minutes when she saw a silhouette approaching at fast speed.  The teen said that she did not freak out because she taught that it was a dolphin coming to play with her.

However, as the silhouette drew closer, the teen realized that it was not a dolphin, but a hungry shark who mistook her for easy prey. Taylor declared that as soon she saw the shark, she began swimming towards the shore. However, after a couple of seconds, she felt a sharp pain in her legs, and something pulling her.

Instead of panicking, the 17-year-old teen turned around and punched the shark in the face. Stunned by the girl’s audacious action, the beast turned around and fled. Heavily wounded, Caitlyn managed to make it to the shore, where the beachgoers who witnessed the whole incident called an ambulance.

The Kentucky teen was rushed to the local hospital where she received medical care for her wounds. According to Taylor’s doctors, the teen had some pretty deep cuts on her arms and legs. Fortunately, the wounds sustained during her battle with the shark were not life-threatening, but she did need approximately 140 stitches.

The event was also witnessed by several people who were on the beach. One of them told the authorities that he saw a shark which measured almost 5 feet converging on the girl’s location. At the moment, the Florida authorities are trying to identify the species of the shark that attacked Taylor and to prevent it from harming any more swimmers.

Caitlyn Taylor has made a full recovery after her shark encounter and was recently discharged from the hospital.

Image source: Pixabay

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