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Maggie Cook-Allen’s design combines her love for artistic doodling and math.

(Mirror Daily, United States) A Dunbar student won the local Google contest in Kentucky. The 17 years old girl was chosen to represent her county in her age group with a doodle that depicts a combination of an amusement park carousel and mathematics.

Maggie Cook-Allen, a high school junior at Paul L. Dunbar was the Kentucky finalist that will represent the state in the national phase of the annual Doodle for Google contest held by the Google company. Maggie is going to compete with the finest doodlers in the country in order to win the chance at getting her design on none other than the Google homepage.

Maggie’s doodle was named the “Calculus Amusement Park” and it is a reflection of the love she has for both the exact science and artistic doodling. When hearing that this year’s theme for the eight annual Google Doodle competition is “What makes me … me”, the Dunbar junior did not hesitate to design an original doodle that actually speaks about her passions.

According to the 17 years old girl, she wanted to doodle something that would prove to be very fun. And since the general public opinion doesn’t put math in the same zip code as fun, she thought about combining the exact science with an amusement park. And she was not wrong thinking how much math it actually does take to build a functioning ride in an amusement park.

Maggie took a risk and she doodled her passions on the canvas and she managed to convince the jury that she is nationals’ material. In the final stage of the competition, the Dunbar senior will have to face 52 more talented K-12 students in the 2015 edition of the Doodle for Google contest.

From among the 53 finalists, the Google jury will select five finalists that will fight for the right of having their doodle present on the search engines home page. The winner will also benefit from a $30,000 scholarship for college and an additional $50,000 will go to his or hers school. Google offers this Education Grant to the school as well so that the establishment could improve its technology program or computer laboratory.

But until the 21st of March when the winner of the Google for Doodle will be announced, people have the chance to vote their favorite design among the 53 that were chosen for the national phase of the competition. The public vote is the one that decides which student will get to be among the top 5. Votes are open until the 22nd of February.

Vote your favorite design or support your local winner here.

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