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Torrent Time from Pirate Bay Allows You to Stream Torrents Directly from Your Browser

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The famous Pirate Bay torrent site has added a new feature for the delight of its millions of users. Torrent Time from Pirate Bay allows you to stream torrents directly from your browser.

Pirate Bay has agreed to add support to Torrent Time, the plugin that allows virtual pirates all over the world to stream the torrents directly to their browser, cutting out the BitTorrent middle man.

It seems that Torrent Time is the plugin that everybody was waiting for because it will eliminate the need of actually downloading the torrent or the file, directly. Although direct download of files ended up being the best way of filling your computer with not-so-friendly viruses.

The Torrent Time plugin only works on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox (sorry Safari, you’re excluded once again from basically everything that is happening in the world of internet development) or either OS X or Windows.

For the moment the plugin is still in beta, meaning that its capacities are still being tested and improved upon by its creators. The main problems so far are the ones that not even the torrents managed to shake off very good, namely some of the movies don’t have the best picture quality in the world and you have to, yes, exactly, wait for peers that will seed the content of the on-line torrent.

The plugin is quite new (it was released for the beta at the beginning of the month) so there is a lot of room for improvement. It really depends on how the product will be received by the general public and what feedback will be given by the majority of ground-breaking virtual pirates. Because they really are a tough crowd to please, it’s not like they’re getting stuff for free.

For those out there who prefer Kickass Torrents over Pirate Bay, there is also good news as the popular torrent site is already integrating the Torrent Times plugin and it will be available anytime soon.

But the streaming plugin is not that new on the market. Before Torrent Times, there was Hola who actually managed to do a pretty good job before the users found out that their internet connections were being sold to botnets.

Torrent Times says that it will soon have ad servers, meaning that it will be able to support itself without having to sell the sensible information of the clean-fingered users. The good news remains that Torrent Time from Pirate Bay allows you to stream torrents directly from your browser.

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