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Killing Floor 2 Comes on Xbox, But not at Full 4K Quality • Mirror Daily

Killing Floor 2 will be released for Xbox, but not at full quality

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After coming as a PlayStation and PC exclusive title, Xbox One will receive the fierce first-person shooter Killing Floor 2. However, contrary to the expectations, it won’t be featured as a native 4K on Xbox’s brand new console, Xbox One X.

Killing Floor 2 coming to Xbox

In November 2016, Killing Floor 2 was released for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game received a warm welcome, as players enjoyed fighting for their life in a first-person shooter. Now, Xbox players can also enjoy the experience of fighting zombie-like creatures, starting August 29th.

The Xbox edition will be available for $39.99. It will come in a special pack, featuring both the original game and all the other packs released previously. These are The Summer Sideshow, The Descent, and The Tropical Bash.

Before the official announcement, the developer, Tripwire Interactive, revealed they were working on certain improvements for the Xbox One X version of Killing Floor 2. Among these improvements, they mentioned 4K support.

The game won’t run at 4K on Xbox’s latest console

However, some time after, they declared that the game won’t actually run at full quality on the powerful console. Therefore, if you are planning to play Killing Floor 2 at 4K, you will have to stick to PC as the only option available for such a quality.

The developers felt the need to explain themselves. They had indeed experimenting with rendering 4K on the latest console. However, they noticed how the frame rate drop could prevent players from enjoying a truly entertaining experience. Therefore, 1800p would provide a balance between graphics and gaming on Xbox One.

When it comes to Xbox One X, they didn’t specify any frame rate, but it will be higher than that available for Xbox One. Even so, Killing Floor 2 offers enough goodies and surprises to attract the attention of Xbox gamers.
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