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There are different types of butt surgery, people can get implants or lifts, or even a Brazilian look.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A round pumped behind is the new cleavage thanks to stars like Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea and Kin Kardashian. And because round buttocks don’t always run in the family, butt implants are growing more and more popular in the United States.

A nice behind may be all in fashion right now, but it’s still not as popular as a nice, round cleavage. At least, that is what the American Plastic Surgeons Society says.

As with breasts, there are different kinds of buttock implants. There are the Brazilian lifts which are made with fat grafting and makes the patient’s behind look like the one of a hot Brazilian carnival dancer.

Next on the popularity list is the buttock lift, or the lipectomy, which removes and/or improves sagging, excess thigh and buttock skin. It’s like a facelift, but for the butt.

Good candidates for buttock lifts are those who lost skin elasticity because of aging or weight loss, those who are affected by cellulite and who have dimpled, crinkled or flabby thighs due to a serious lack of exercise.

But the buttock lift is meant for those individuals who already rock a serious-sized behind.

For the skinnier people who want to achieve the Kardashian look, there is the butt implant. Similar to the much more popular breast implant, the butt implant consists of the augmentation of the specific area using silicone implants.

The main difference between the two aesthetic surgeries is that the butt implants are made out of pure silicone that is not as dangerous to the body as the silicone used for breast augmentation.

The derriere must be firm, unlike the tenderness of the breasts, so at least from the point of view of leakage risk, a butt implant is a better idea than a breast one.

But breast enhancement surgery remains the most popular option among cosmetic medical procedures. Next on the list is liposuction, followed closely by nose reshaping, eyelid surgery (a sort of eyelid lift that removes the excess eyelid skin and reduces bagginess around the eye area) and tummy tucks (a sort of advanced liposuction where excess fat is removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened).

But now butts are taking the stage and big breasts and very flat stomachs are starting to lose important ground.

Of course, like in the case of any major surgery, there are risks surrounding the derriere enhancement. Patients might experience leakage, fat cysts, asymmetry, fat emboli, lumpiness and cellulite. But these side effects are not scaring anybody since butt implants are growing more and more popular.

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