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Kindle Owners Can Share Quotes and Recommendations Via Mobile Messaging Apps • Mirror Daily

Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader is following the trend that has been gaining popularity in the recent months of users preferring the more private sharing in detriment of the more public usage of social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

What happened is that Amazon has released a new feature allowing Kindle owners to share quotes and recommendations in private via various mobile messaging apps; so far, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and texting are on the list of compatible messaging services.

Sharing favorite quotes from books was previously supported through Facebook and Twitter, or other social networks that make it possible for the Kindle user to reach an entire social network with one post.

But, as explained in a blog post by Amazon Kindle Senior Vice President Russ Grandinetti, it was feasible to assume that your favorite quote might not always be the perfect quote for all your friends.

Plenty of Kindle readers are excited about the possibilities resulting from this feature. Being part of a book club has suddenly become even easier and more interesting. The private sharing option can be used for the members to get into more in-depth conversations based on the book they’re currently reading – and all that in a private conversation via messaging apps or email.

Instead of simply posting a Facebook status update whenever you want to make a book recommendation, the new feature allows you to share it in a more personal fashion, as you can now target the friends who you think you also enjoy the book and send them private messages supported by Kindle.

Already available on Kindle for Android, the upgraded feature also enables users to share highlights, quotes and recommendations with specific friends. Customer support for Kindle e-readers regarding the upgrade will also be made available later this year, according to company spokespersons.

What’s even more interesting is that Amazon also made it possible for the friends you share a book quote or recommendation with to immediately start reading the book you suggested.

It will be just like when you receive a link of a video: a simple click on it will give access to a free book preview in the browser, right then and there. No need to install the app, sign up, or sign into their account; reading can commence instantly.

It might not sound like much, but this upgrade is part of Amazon’s strategy of expanding its readership and customer base, as it removes the friction between receiving a social share and accessing an instant read.

For those interested in testing the new feature, Amazon has provided a few examples; just go and try either Divergent, The Book Thief, or The Hobbit.
Image Source: Cult of Macx

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