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Kissing and Cuddling, the Most Enjoyed Sexual Behaviors Among Americans • Mirror Daily

The most common sexual behaviors among Americans are the romantic ones

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Some people are quite creative when it comes to behaviors they exhibit or witness in a sexual environment, while others tend to be more traditional. Most of them are trying to do everything they can to maintain a healthy relationship with their partners, so a team of researchers was curious to see what people enjoy the most. On top of the list, contrary to some expectations, there lay cuddling and traditional display of affection.

Researchers searched for the most enjoyed sexual behaviors

Researchers from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion and from the Indiana University School of Public Health in Bloomington wanted to see what people enjoy doing the most to spice things up in the bedroom. It seems that most people don’t require much creativity from the partner, as they opted for traditional kissing and cuddling as the most appealing.

This is the first time when researchers gather complex data regarding sexual behaviors across the population. They interviewed a number of 2,021 people, 1,046 women and 975 men, and had them answer an anonymous survey, where they had to select from a list of 30 items what behaviors or activities they had engaged in.

The most common practices in bedroom are kissing and cuddling

After analyzing all the answers, researchers observed how behaviors displaying affection are were most common among couples, and also regarded as most appealing. Many people found other behaviors tempting as well, but only few admitted to having actually tried them.

Therefore, although it sounds unlikely for some people, the most common and most enjoyed sexual behaviors are the romantic ones. People use passionate kissing or dreamy stories to create a romantic atmosphere and to deepen the connection between one another. All the other details regarding the study have been published in the journal PLOS One.
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