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Komen Race Celebrates Cancer Survivors • Mirror Daily

Komen race celebrates cancer survivors.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Breast cancer is already known to be one of the primary health problems that affect a high number of women around the world, including the United States.

Unfortunately, experts predict that 25 years from now, around 25 million more women will have to deal with this plague. However, scientists have doubled their efforts to find a new strategy and more efficient treatments to tackle the spread of breast cancer throughout the United States.

Furthermore, many organizations around the world are trying to bring their contribution in this fight. Susan G. Komen Foundation is one of them. A race event is organized every year to raise awareness and funds to find the best treatment.

Phyllis Stevenson, breast cancer survivor, has 20 years since she has been participating in the Komen Race. Stevenson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 after she had discovered a lump on her breast. Fortunately, the growth was surgically removed. However, she had to bear with an aggressive chemotherapy treatment and radiation to eliminate all cancer cells.

Presently, after 22 years, she confessed that God took care of her. Moreover, she underlined the importance of early detection and correct treatment.

Stevenson decided to participate every year in the Komen race because she felt the need to show her gratitude and offer her support to those who are still fighting cancer. Unfortunately, African-Americans are more vulnerable to breast cancer and have a higher mortality rate because of it.

Stevenson joined the Save Our Sisters organization to raise awareness among African-Americans regarding the risks of cancer. Their efforts are oriented not just towards breast cancer but also colorectal and prostate cancer.

The Komen race event is a symbol of celebration for those who fight with cancer and for those who survived it. Moreover, it is a race in the honor of those who passed away. Experts say that breast cancer can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle.

Plus, this applies to men as well. Our best bet to prevent cancer is by having a healthy diet too. Scientists recommend at least 2 hours of physical exercises every week. If people are informed and aware of this problem, they will change their perspective and adopt a different approach to life.

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