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Lakes Restoration •

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has begun.

One of the responsible Congressmen, Tom Reed, decided to take action and be part of an ecological initiative. It looks like the lakes restoration is on the way. According to him, $12.5 million in federal funds are going to come in handy for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

His attitude proves to be very wise as it is vital to prevent a disaster rather than wait for it to occur. These lakes represent the locals’ heritage and part of the Earth’s treasures. By following a set of simple rules, step by step, these lakes could be preserved and maintained in excellent condition. This method is crucial because the lakes are not only a natural resource but also a great source for sustaining a thriving economy.

Thanks to the fact that the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was granted the authorization by the House, eight member states are now allowed to engage in this program and bring their contribution to the scientific solutions and to be part of a plan oriented towards results and performance. Not only New York but also the local communities, private and business industries, Native American tribes and conservation organizations will do their best to support this initiative of restoring, preserving and protecting these precious lakes.

First, $1.5 million from the federal funding will go to New York to help the program. Another $516,000 will go to Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, money that will be used to develop a study and to get rid of the Water Chestnut from around 43 acres in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario basins. This college also has the mission to provide the members of the community with enough information and to teach them how to deal with the spread of invasive species and most importantly to makes sure the Great Lakes are kept clean.Thus, it seems that the lakes restoration is on the way.

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation will receive $500,000 to develop and support programs designated for watercraft inspection at marinas and boat launches situated in the Finger Lakes and Lake Erie.

According to Reed, this program has already paid off and supported especially the control hydrilla in the Finger Lakes.This looks like a great start, as 30 million Americans are provided with clean drinking water,$60 million in wages come each year, more than 1.5 million jobs are assured, and the local tourism economy makes $30 billion, all thanks to the very existence of the lakes. After all, the fact that they are working on restoring the great lakes is a great initiative on its own.

Image Source:Sweet Melissa Charters

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