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Latest Ubisoft Trailer Explains Basic Skills in The Division

Latest Ubisoft Trailer Explains Basic Skills in The Division

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The latest Ubisoft trailer explains basic skills in The Division for those that didn’t had a chance to play it or need an extra hand in cracking the game’s special features.

The skill set of the main character in the latest Tom Clancy installment is just mad. And the latest Ubisoft trailer explains basic skills in The Division for the understanding of every type of player. This should make the game easier for gamers that are at their first encounter with the Tom Clancy series. And it will also serve as a good promotional material.

According to the trailer that Ubisoft posted recently, the characters of The Division have three basic skill sets from which the players can choose from Security, Technology, and Medical. Each one of the three is specially crafted by Ubisoft to make the enemy team wish they would run away from the post-apocalyptic New York City and never look back.

The Security Skills

As the name suggests it, the security team focuses on defense. They are the front line members of Clancy’s division. One of the skills, the Ballistic Shield, allows the player to tackle the attacking enemy while leaving cover. And because mobility is absolutely essential to any battlefield, the shield is the best accessory that the players could ask for. Except for the weapons, of course.

The Technology Skills

Players that opt for the technology skill set have a clear advantage when it comes to offensive capabilities. While the security players wave their shields on the battlefield, the technology ones throw sticky bombs. There are numerous tactical uses of a bomb that sticks to any surface. Just imagine the possibilities.

The Medical Skills

Doctors were never on the front line, and The Division is not the kind of game that puts them there. Those who possess medical skills are most valuable when it comes to tactical and support information. They are the brains of the operations while the security and technology guys are the brute force that cleans the streets of New York.

Those that choose the medical skills also have a Pulse skill. This allows them to use something similar to an X-Ray vision. This gives the players the ability to see their enemies even if they are hidden behind walls, cars or buildings.

There are also plenty of modes available that allows the technological and security secret weapons to be modified.

For the moment, there are only four skins available for the players, paramedic, police officer, hunter, and firefighter.

For more information on each of the skill sets check out the video below.

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