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Lawbreakers •

No shooter is complete without a Titan wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Even though it was announced as a free to play, the production company Boss Key decided to charge players for the right to play their upcoming FPS. Steam will sell Lawbreakers exclusively on its platform. Anybody who is interested in purchasing the state of the art video game can already add it to their Wishlist.

The Boss Key team and Cliff Bleszinski, a gaming industry veteran, announced yesterday that their FPS multiplayer video game will only be available in the on-line store. Steam will sell Lawbreakers exclusively, and, according to the developers, it won’t be as steep as a box product.

Lawbreakers is set in a dystopian future United States. The laws of physics are not going to be as strict as players are used to them being. Characters will engage in gravity-based one on one combat in bloody arenas that will continually change as the fighting continues.

As you can do in most FPS, you can choose your side. You can either be a part of the “Law” nobility or the “Breaker” outlaws. While fighting the opposite side, you will be able to visit iconic US location. But you won’t recognize them at first.

The events that will lead to the clash between Law and Breakers will affect the surrounding environment. The Grand Canyon will be ravaged by gravitational distortions, the oceans from the coastline area in Santa Monica will be boiling, and Mount Rushmore will just be a pile of barely recognizable rocks.

The players will be able to choose between different characters. The first that Boss Key presented was Kitsune, a female assassin which, by the looks of the trailer, will fight with a pair of swords and display masterful skills as a climber and jumper.

Then there is Breacher, a gunner that looks as bad as his name suggests, and maybe twice as big as the skirmisher, Maverick. And, of course, no game can be complete without a Titan, which is why players will be able to choose Cronos as their character.

The game has a bit of Mad Max meets Unreal Tournament vibe, and it will feature incredible graphics and 3-D fighting rendered by stop frames and other visual tricks like gun blasts, jet packs, time dilation, grappling blades and blind-firing in reverse.

The developers decided that Steam will sell Lawbreakers exclusively in its on-line store. Cliff Bleszinski didn’t mention a release date, but it’s likely that the game will be out by the end of the year seeing as players are already able to add it to their Wishlist.

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