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Legal Medical Marijuana Facebook Pages Were Banned

Legal Medical Marijuana Facebook Pages Were Banned

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest news, legal medical marijuana Facebook pages were banned by the social media platform. The reason that the company invoked was the fact that the pages were in violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

When people tried to access the page of a medical marijuana dispensary from Washington, Maine or New Jersey they only encountered the message:

“It looks like content on your page does not follow the Facebook Community Terms and Standards”

Facebook’s actions angered both patients and dispensary owners. And even though the social network could not be reached for further explanations, one of the owners of the pages that were forcefully removed from the social media platform says that Facebook only managed to do a disservice to the page owners and the clients that were expecting updates.

The federal law dictates that dispensaries of medical marijuana are allowed to set up Facebook pages as long as they promote their services, not their products. The people that administered the banned pages said that they were using them to give instruction to their potential customers.

In the present moment, the cultivation and selling of the cannabinoid plant are prohibited and highly illegal, with the exceptions of dispensaries from a number of states that sell medical marijuana legally. There is no exact number of how many pages were taken down by Facebook.

It seems that Facebook doesn’t actually care about the individually of the accounts and they erased everything, even though dispensaries of medical marijuana function legally in states like New York, Maine and Washington.

It’s funny how legal medical marijuana Facebook pages were banned by the social network, but there is still a lot of personal profiles with thousands of followers that feature scarcely dressed women doing things that are barely legal.

And let us not forget the fact that there are also underaged girls with very popular Facebook and Instagram accounts where they post pictures of themselves wearing next to nothing.

But a Facebook page of a dispensary that legally sells medical marijuana was a public threat and needed to be eradicated as soon as possible.

The CDC recommends women to stop drinking altogether, Facebook is banning legal medical marijuana pages and there is a virus just south of our country that is wreaking havoc because women there are not allowed to have an abortion.

Maybe the climate is changing because we are going back to the dark ages.

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