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Legalizing Marijuana And The Famous Guys Who Are Giving Their Own Money For That • Mirror Daily

Real efforts are being made to legalize marijuana in California

(Mirror Daily, United States) In an unprecedented turn of events, new stories emerge about legalizing marijuana and the famous guys who are giving their own money for that.

As we all know, the California November 2016 ballot is coming. Looking forward to that, many, many groups are coming forth with initiative for legalizing pot. But there is one initiative, which will be announced tomorrow, on Monday, November 2nd, which stands out from the crowd. And the reason for that is, unlike all the other initiatives, this one has a lot of money backing it up.

Where does all the money come from? The latest news tell us that former Facebook president Sean Parker, has showed himself eager to invest literally millions of dollars to help pas this Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

And, interestingly enough, he is not the only one putting real, hard money down for making weed legal. He is joined in his efforts by a lot of other famous people. Nick and Joby Pritzker, the brothers who are heirs to the Hyatt Hotel imperium have come to lend a helping money filled hand. Justin Hartfield, the WeedMaps app founder is there also, as well as Graham Boys, who has been linked to the heirs of the Progressive Insurance fortune. Notably enough, Justin Hartfield has already put in $2 million for this cause.

Apparently, they were all scared that this initiative would fail also, the same as the one in 2010, Proposition 19, which died on the table specifically for this reason: lack of funding. So the boys put their heads and wallets together and are determined to never let that happen again.

And they are not alone. With them also stand The Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project and the California Cannabis Industry Association.

But, as it seems, money was not the only issue with Proposition 19’s death in 2010. Internal ruptures were caused by never ending fighting between the members involved and, also, apparently the whole campaign was poorly run, if we were to lend an ear to some voices.

Marijuana is a preparation of the Cannabis plant, used as a psychoactive drug or as medicine. Psychoactive drugs change brain functions and alter perception, mood and consciousness. Marijuana is normally consumed for its effects of relaxation and uplifting mood. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot overdose on marijuana and it does not create addiction. The earliest recorded use of weed dates back to 5 000 years ago.

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