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Lenovo Introduces Magic View Smartwatch Concept at Tech World 2015 • Mirror Daily

Lenovo’s new prototype Magic View ensuring better visualization features.

As the Chinese company has already accustomed its customers, Lenovo introduces Magic View smartwatch concept at Tech World 2015. The company claims these new ideas can solve many of the issues that consumers have complained about with smartphone and smartwatch technology.

Smartwatches are useful devices meant to facilitate users’ access to the content of their smartphones. But that’s about all. The device proves itself rather useless when it comes to reading, editing or administrating larger contents.

The main cause behind the said glitches is the small screen that these devices have been endowed with. Why they make perfect choices for quick and rapid actions, these displays have been low-rated most of the times because they cannot showcase the entire content of a written message.

Lenovo has spent the last months trying to address this issue. The famous laptop producer introduced two new smartwatch concepts at the recent Tech World conference. These innovative concepts have managed to draw participants’ attention and they could very soon become custom features on many smartwatches.

According to Lenovo’s declaration, the Magic View prototype is the first Wearable to feature a dual screen. The second display was placed on the band, underneath the regular screen. The additional system will allow users to project content on walls and other larger areas for a better visualization.

We can already figure out some of the uses that may stem from this addition. The features could turn out very useful for conference speakers, but also for regular consumers, who want to, say, project games or movies on bigger surfaces.

Smartphones could soon benefit of a similar technology due to the new laser projector, Smart Cast. Smartphones featuring Smart Cast will have a built-in laser projector, but also infrared motion detector, and gesture recognition algorithms. All these new options give customers the possibility to project data from their smartphones on table tops of walls.

During the presentation, developers at Lenovo have used Smart Cast to project a computer keyboard on the table top. To make things more interesting and entertaining, engineers have also projected a piano keyboard, which proved itself extremely functional and effective when interpreting new pieces.

The great thing about Lenovo’s new projecting technology for smartphones, is that it allows users to view more data at the same time. As one information was projected on the wall, the smartphone emptor was still able to view other apps on the smartphone screen.

Approximately 120 patents have been developed and registered for the production of the two concepts, according to Lenovo. One of the patent involves the “world’s thinnest screen”, so the new projects could also modernize the looks and feels of smartwatches.

There are still many aspects that remain unsaid about the changes that the two concepts could trigger. Analysts were particularly interested in determining how the two prototypes could affect or improve the battery life of smart devices.
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