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Lexus Car Manufacturer Has Created the First Functional Hoverboard • Mirror Daily

Hendo is the first levitating board that can hold up to 250 pounds. The technology could inspire other vehicle prototypes, as well.

According to the recent announcement that the company has made on their official website, the Lexus car manufacturer has created the first functional hoverboard that demolishes all that was previously known and thought about means of transportation. According to Toyota, the hoverboard uses magnetic waves to levitate at half an inch from the ground.

Toyota has long been working to surprise its customers with new advanced technology both for their vehicles and for other means of transportation. The first step and probably the most important achievement in this sense was made on Monday, when the company released a new video introducing customers to the first functional hoverboard.

Unlike traditional models, the new prototype works with liquid nitrogen-based superconductors and relies on magnets to move around without friction. This enables the hoverboard to levitate at a relatively small distance from the ground, even when used by a 250 pounds person.

The good news is, however, that the same technology could be embedded in the future by the Japanese car producer on its vehicles. Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, one of Toyota’s manager has, in fact, stated that levitation could solve many of the problems that drivers face nowadays.

The presentation video of the new hoverboard begins with a man riding a regular skateboard. At a certain point, he stops, because his attention seems to have been captured by an object in the distance. As he grows near the steaming and modern hoverboard, we are able to see that the board is actually levitating.

The only criticism that may be brought to the demonstration video is that no actual person is riding the hoverboard to prove its abilities, even though the company has reassured customers that the hoverboard can carry approximately 250 pounds.

The inspirational motto of Hiroyoshi Yoshiki was, nevertheless, included in the video. In his opinion, nothing is truly impossible, “it’s just a matter of figuring out how” to make it possible.

The company will introduce the Hendo prototype during the summer months in Barcelona after the trial period is over. Unfortunately, the hoverboard will not be available for sale as Toyota has only created this model for research and not for commercial purposes.

The developers of the futuristic hoverboard have included many of their trademark elements on the prototype, as well. The Lexus grille and the bamboo elements on the board are in keeping with the vehicle’s characteristics.

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