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LG Introduces V10 Phone with Secondary Display • Mirror Daily

LG thinks smartphone displays should be reconsidered.

In an attempt to start a new smartphone trend, LG introduces V10 phone with secondary display. The company posted a video on their official website hinting to a potential new model, but no official declaration has been made on the name or the tech specs of the product.

Smartphones still rule the market, but companies have to stay ahead of times and start new trends before the so-called new prototypes fall into oblivion. LG might have just done that when they created the first secondary display smartphone.

Samsung has first started the trend of secondary displays in 2010 when they launched Continuum. Unfortunately, the product turned out to be a fiasco and the company decided to sweep Continuum under its carpet. They have decided to focus on smartphone screens with rounded edges, adding some half of inches to their already large screens.

Five years later, LG has reconsidered the concept of secondary displays and appears determined to try its luck at it. The new project has been officially announced on Thursday through the posting of a very enigmatic video.

The footage showcased a brunette woman getting a vanguardist haircut with asymmetrical bangs. The unusual form of the fringe is then, used to sketch the shape of LG’s secondary display smartphone. No official information is published on the new model; the video only informs viewers that the official launching date will be on October 1, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.

Judging from the video, we assume the secondary screen will be placed next to the photo camera, on top of the screen. This smaller display will be used to display messages and notifications from online apps, but only certain apps will be compatible at first.

LG thinks secondary devices represent the future as option have become quite limited in point of screen dimensions. The current models already have incredibly large displays, so the only solution would be to maximize the use of the available space.

Consequently, LG will introduce the smaller secondary screen, which is said to prolong the battery life. Developers explain that smartphones require less energy to display notifications on the secondary screen, instead of lighting up the entire display. Not to mention the design benefits that users will get.

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