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LG’s New G4 Smartphone Is Now Available Worldwide

LG’s new G4 smartphone is now available worldwide, according to a recent press release issued by the famous smartphone company. The new G4 model has successfully made its entrance on the market judging by the attention it has managed to grab within the few months since it has been officially announced.

LG fans have many reasons to be happy as the much-awaited G4 smartphone is finally here. The model was launched during a recent public event held in New York with the participation of tech analysts, Samsung developers and many other well-renowned and reputed mobile companies.

The first city where LG’s new smartphone will most likely be available is Hong Kong. Marketing specialists at LG have chosen this particular city as sales figures were impressively high in this region.

The G4 smartphone will later on be available in other cities and countries. Developers have further disclosed that customers will soon be able to purchase the phone at their official stores in Europe, North America, CIS, Southeast Asia, Middle East/Africa and South/Central America. Based on their calculations, LG’s new G4 smartphone will most likely appear in these regions by the end of the upcoming month.

As expected, developers have done their best to provide improved features for their customers. The G4 model is thus featuring a “quantum” display which enables better color reproduction. The camera is noteworthy, as well, as the bigger sensor captures better images.

The device features the well-known 64-bit hexacore CPU Snapdragon 808 processor which has been provided on other LG models as well. The phone continues to rely heavily on Google’s services; therefore many of the apps provided by the search giant have already been encompassed on the smartphone. G4 also uses Google’s Chrome as its default browser and Chrome cast for support.

LG’s new G4 smartphone may be available worldwide, but the company stated that prices will vary from one region to another. Estimates have shown that the device will be available in the United States in exchange for $600 without a mobile service contract, whereas the G4 will only cost $200 for customers who are willing to sign carrier deals.
Image Source: Cnet

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