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Lice Have Evolved • Mirror Daily

Super lice have been reported in 25 states in the US, but there are still working treatments.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We’ve all been through it. The shame of having to cue in line and wait until a teacher or a nurse checked your head for lice. And then there were those few individuals who suddenly disappeared a few days because they “came down with the flu”, but the whole school knew the truth. Back in the days, you would go home, wash your hair, clothes, and bedsheets and be back to school in a few days. But now lice have evolved, and the super insects are becoming resistant to treatment.

Lice have evolved into super lice and parents in the US are starting to freak out because the usual treatments are not working anymore.

But don’t go thinking that the new super lice species features some kind of mutant, blood-sucking, bee-sized specimens. Because that’s what the name suggests.

No, lice have evolved, but not in a professor Xavier kind of way. They are just more resistant to the conventional treatment. There are still plenty of ways in which the pesky crawlers can be eradicated. All you have to do is discuss the matter with your physician or local pharmacist.

Lice have evolved, but they still feature the same symptoms as before. So if you suspect you or your family members are infected with the crawling parasite just be on the lookout for the signs listed below.

  • The ticklish feeling that something is strolling around in your hair.
  • Intense itching that is often caused by the body having an allergic reaction to the saliva of the lice’s louse.
  • Difficulty sleeping and irritability – the lice are mostly active during the night because they prefer the dark.
  • Sores caused by excessive scratching. The sores can often become infected because a human’s skin is crawling with bacteria.

After establishing that you or your family is infested with the common head parasite you must make sure that you follow some basic steps. And since lice have evolved, you might want to follow the instructions by the letter.

  • Use the treatment that your physician or pharmacist prescribed exactly as it was directed by them. Do not stray from the directions provided by either the health providers or the label.
  • The treated individual must immediately change his or her clothes.
  • Everything from clothes to bed linens to toys must be washed.
  • Everything that can’t be washed must, at least, be dry-cleaned.

Lice have evolved, but so did our medicine. We are still one step ahead of them, so if the drugstore solutions didn’t have any effect on you or your family members you just have to go seek out professional advice.

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