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Lidar Laser Finds Ancient Cities • Mirror Daily

Ancient city was found in Cambodia.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Archeology has always been a mysterious field which attracted the people who grew fond of history. With the help of the Lidar laser technology, all of these things are easier now.

Thanks to this technology, a team of Australian archaeologists discovered an extensive network of ancient cities under the Cambodian jungle near Angkor Wat city. The team efforts were encouraged by the collaboration between the Cambodian government and the French Institute of Asian Studies.

According to Dr. Damian Evans, lead researcher and technical coordinator of Cambodian Archaeological Lidar Initiative (CALI), the cutting-edge airborne laser technology, called Lidar, revealed many archeological cities, from 900 to 1,400 years ago.

The largest city is Mahendraparvata, which is considered to be even bigger than Phnom Penh, the current capital of Cambodia. Until now, the latest information that scientists had about Mahendraparvata dated since 2012.

However, no one thought that the city would be so massive. The way the Lidar laser works is by the use of a helicopter which surveys the surface vegetation and establishes an accurate map of the ground.

The airborne laser scanner is attached to the aircraft from where it sends 16 pulses of the laser. Every laser scans the area and thoroughly searches for any sign of archeological treasure which might be hidden in the terrain.

The ground height is determined by the time it takes for the beam to return to the sensor. The flight route, speed, and altitude are established by the researchers based on the research target. According to Dr. Damian Evans, many cities under the forest haven’t been discovered yet of which people have no idea.

Nevertheless, thanks to this new laser, archeologists will be able to find many treasures beneath the forest with high precision. Furthermore, the team has now the opportunity to learn about the history of the Khmer empire during the 15th century. Also, they believe that historians will find out more about the fall of Angkor.

Moreover, it seems that the Lidar laser has also spotted some strange geometric earth formations, which were most likely gardens in the past. Hopefully, archeologists will discover even more ancient cities that will provide humanity with valuable information about our history.

Image Source:All Point East

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