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Life-sized Hologram of Microsoft’s Cortana Could Become Reality

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you’re creeped out by a digital assistant that you know is always listening, this other idea might not be for you. But here’s an interesting question we never thought needed answering: if there was a chance for people to buy a life-sized hologram of Microsoft’s Cortana, would they really want one?

For now, the idea sounds rather far-fetched and from a bad sci-fi movie, but a virtual assistant with a quasi-physical form staring you in the eye is something that might actually be a thing in the near future. The idea caught the public’s eye after it was posed as an application for the ongoing HoloLens project.

Ever since Microsoft has opened up the floor to its customers and enthusiasts alike, plenty of ideas – some more peculiar than others – have made it in the rate-based forum. True, most of the concepts presented on the ‘Share Your Ideas’ website haven’t gain any traction, but one by the name of ‘Cortana in Person’ has been really stacking up votes.

Microsoft’s virtual assistant called Cortana is based on the originally AI entity in the Halo games, but has now become a key element for Windows 10. Cortana is also Microsoft’s response to Siri, Apple’s rival personal assistant, one that didn’t present much interest in the beginning.

However, experts and everyday consumers alike seem to have changed their minds about it, and now Cortana is generally rated much higher than Apple’s service – something that generated frenzied investment in the system and plenty of plans for the future enhancements Microsoft could introduce.

Submitted on the website by user LookItsKris, Cortana in Person is described as a “hologram of Cortana from Halo who you can talk to and interact with.” If you’re wondering what it does, the explanation is simple: whatever Cortana on desktop/phone is qualified for.

Cortana’s person would be answering questions on HoloLens and sending the da through on your phone, for example, but the possibilities are in fact endless. Things could also get weird if we think of the movies Hollywood has already produced delving on the subject.

Just think of “Her”, where a user falls in love with their artificially intelligent OS – what would actually giving the AI a semi-physical form could lead to? In spite of this bizarre aspect, the idea has already gained massive support on the forum, and Microsoft has pledged to develop the three front-running ideas as part of its HoloLens project.
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