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Relay for Life keeps up the good work.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The initiative of many American citizens continues with a new Relay for Life event, this time at the Los Lunas High School Eddie Fulkerson Baseball Field. Cancer is a disease that affects many people throughout the United States every year.

According to Betty Richardson, cancer survivor and Peralta resident, one of the most important parts of this event is that people gather together. No one should feel alone in the battle with cancer. That is why Relay for Life aims to invite these people to share their stories, inspire, and encourage one another to stay strong.

There were many recreational activities including food, beverages, music, and games. Everyone celebrated cancer survivors, encouraged the people who are still fighting the disease, and the ones who passed away.

One of these survivors, Sharon Herndon, confessed that she wouldn’t have been cancer free for the last 15 years if she hadn’t discovered early that she is sick after a mammogram. Many other families participate in the event forming teams that raise funds for the cancer fighters.

Burzyeki family has participated in the Relay for Life over the last few years. Joan Burzyeki and two of her children suffer from a hereditary genetic disorder which is the source of adrenal and thyroid cancer.

These cancers cannot be cured by radiation or chemotherapy. Fortunately, Bret Coiner (her son) and Lachelle Coiner (her daughter) are doing better now.

For them, this event is a reason to celebrate and to commemorate the children’s grandfathers, Vincent Smith, and Bill Fritsche, who both died from cancer. Bret’s fiancé, Tracee Nesslage, also participated in the Relay to inform people about various types of cancer.

Tracee confessed that after she had met Bret and his family, she became more emphatic and she decided that she wants to do more for the people fighting with this disease. During the event, there will be the Survivors Lap around Eddie Fulkerson Baseball Field.

This event has raised until now $2,935 but during this year, people donated an impressive sum of $21,475. The money will go to the American Cancer Society to help scientists find a new treatment to deal with various types of cancer.

The Relay for Life will continue throughout the United States to raise awareness and funds regarding this disease.

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Relay for Life keeps going.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Relay For Life continues, this time at Medway Middle School on June 10 from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Holliston Street. Every person attends this event for a reason.

Hundreds of people are expected to participate in this event, most of them from Norfolk, Medfield, Millis, and Medway. All the money will go to the American Cancer Society, which will continue their research for a cure and provide medical assistance for patients.

Until now, 359 participants from 29 teams gathered to attend the Relay, raising an impressive amount of $27,396,40. According to Louise Fonteyne, manager for the New England Division of the ACS, the attendance has already exceeded the last year’s event with over 60 people.

A breast cancer survivor confessed that she became a part of the Relay in 2007 when her and a close friend, who sadly lost the fight later, were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer survivors will take a lap around the track during the fundraiser. Candles and paper bags will be available for purchase and will be placed around the track in the honor of those who passed away.

Plus, the theme of the event is “Around the World,” so there will be flags from all over the world during the Relay’s survivor’s dinner. Benedetto, the member of the event’s volunteer committee and Medway resident, has already 14 years since she has started attending the event after her sister had been diagnosed in 2003 with ovarian lymphoma.

Unfortunately, the number of cases has increased since then, according to her. Benedetto is part of the top team, “Cancer Crusaders,” (including her husband) who raised the highest amount of $9,000 out of $15,000 group goal.

According to Fonteyne, besides continuing the research for finding a cure, the American Cancer Society will use the money to develop new programs for patients, especially to tackle the changes that occur in their physical appearance because of the disease or during a strong treatment.

Such a disease like cancer can make you feel powerless, but this Relay For Life night event aims to change this perspective to everyone that suffers from this disease. After all, the real target is to bring people together so that they understand and inspire each other.

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Relay For Life continues.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Relay For Life continues as the company  Axiall’s Plaquemine raised an impressive amount of $80,000 for the Relay event in Iberville Parish. Plus, this year’s fundraising total is higher with 20 percent than last year.

The Axiall’s Plaquemine team was better than the other Relay teams two years in a row. Hundreds of local community members attended the event and raised a together over $116,000 which were donated to the American Cancer Society (ACS). These donations support patient services, programs, and cancer research.

According to Lauren Stein, chair of Relay For Life of Iberville Parish for the fourth year in a row and also Axiall buyer, if people do not contribute more so that there will be enough money for research, cancer will continue bringing down more and more people.

This year’s Relay For Life was held in honor of the late Chief of Police of Plaquemine, Orian Gulotta, who lost the fight with cancer shortly after last year’s Relay event. The team of Plaquemine employees on this year were Josh Wille, Sarah Simmers, Lionel Stein, Lauren Stein, Brandon Ruiz, Katie Roberson, Donna Purpera, Bill Mason, Shane LoBue, Stephen LeBlanc, Steven Leach, Cathy Edwards and Paula Behrnes.

A celebrity waiter event was organized by the Plaquemine facility to raise the money. Plus, there were also personal donations, silent auction and the annual Axiall Relay For Life Golf Tournament, which was the main attraction. More than 250 employees, volunteers, and suppliers contributed with almost $65,000.

The site manager at the Plaquemine facility, John Scroggins, said that he and his family were impressed by the event and the level of commitment of his co-workers. He also confessed that he was proud to be a part of the Relay For Life.

Among the American Cancer Society’s Mid-South Division, Axiall’s Plaquemine facility has one of the largest fundraising team, covering six states. According to Penny Cade, community manager of Relay For Life for the Mid-South Division, based in Baton Rouge, La, Axiall is the primary local partner of ACS thanks to their employees who engage every year in their mission.

Hopefully, people will continue being dedicated to this mission, and things will soon become better for everyone who suffer from cancer. The Relay For Life will do its best to make sure of that.

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