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Literally Talk Through What's Up Via Google Now

Google Now will be working on more instant messaging apps.

Due to a recent update, you can now literally talk through What’s Up via Google Now by dictating precisely what text you want to send. Instant messaging just got a bit more interesting with the Google Now application rolling out on several different third-party apps that will make texting much easier on your fingers.

The tech giant has given its users the ability to send text messages by simply talking to your phone, which will act as your very own personal assistant and pass on the message. Through the familiar “Ok, Google” voice command, you can now communicate via text without even touching your smartphone or any of the applications involved.

A hundred types of potential uses could spring from the new update, but it might take a little while longer before all the kinks are sorted out to have a fully error-free experience. So far, you can use the Google Now software in two ways, one more effective than the other.

The first manner implies a two step process. Saying “Ok Google, send a What’s Up message to Joe” will open up the instant messaging application and then it’s all on you to dictate what you wish to say. It might eliminate the use of auto-correct and might save you some dreaded spelling mistakes. Though it’s yet to be decided if the grammar will be fully comprehensible.

The second manner implies just one step, by saying everything all in one phrase, such as “Ok Google, send a What’s Up message to Joe: let’s meet up for coffee” and the app will reportedly type it all up for you. However, this all-in-one way is not perfect just yet, so it may encounter errors. It’s recommended to spare a few extra seconds for now and use the two-step method.

The update for instant messaging has rolled out to more than just What’s Up, with other user favorite apps such as Telegram, Viber, WeChat and NextPlus also joining the list. Google reports that the service only applies to English users for now, but will be working in the future to adapt to other languages as well.

This is only part of the Google Now tsunami that has been planning on crashing onto the app world. Back in April, Google announced that it will be collaborating with 70 app makers in order for third-party apps to support the Google Now card. They’re only 40 apps in, so 30 more will be undergoing similar updates and there is apparently only a small limit where it can touch.

You might soon be seeing more and more people talking to their phones or be doing it yourself.

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