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Eat healthy to live healthy.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Without realizing that they have no healthy habits, many people have been wondering why cancer has become such a plague throughout the United States.

Recent research has proved that the way you eat and the activity you have is strictly related to your health. Furthermore, 70 percent of the leading causes of any disease comes from food. In other words, we have to be careful about what we eat and how we eat.

A team of researchers has recently discovered that the risk of cancer can be significantly dropped off if we have a healthier lifestyle consisting of a correct diet and physical activity.

According to Lindsay Kohler, lead researcher and doctoral student in epidemiology at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health from the University of Arizona, a healthy way of living can reduce the risk of developing cancer by 45 percent.

Plus, it drops down the risk of dying from this disease as well. In addition to this, patients who also relied on cancer prevention guidelines had a 61 percent lower chance of dying from cancer.

It is known that some people have won the battle with cancer by just following a treatment made only from medicinal plants and tea. The team of scientists underlined that a healthy lifestyle is our best bet against colon, endometrial and breast cancer.

The data collected from the study showed that the risk of colon cancer in men and women can be reduced by 27 to 52 percent. Moreover, the risk of endometrial cancer can be dropped off by 23 to 60 percent, whereas the chances of developing breast cancer may drop down by 19 to 60 percent.

These numbers are very encouraging for everyone and they can even inspire the United States population to start living healthier. Unfortunately, around 596,000 Americans are expected to die because of cancer in 2016, while approximately 1.7 people are most likely to develop the disease until January 2017. Over 20 percent of cancer cases occur from lack of activity, weight issues, alcohol, and unhealthy food.

The team of scientists reviewed 12 studies based on cancer prevention guidelines. They came up to the conclusion that a healthy lifestyle consists of eating vegetables and fruits at least five times a day, avoiding too much alcohol, reducing the consumption of red or processed meat, eating whole grains instead of refined, daily basis exercises and maintaining an average weight.

Image Source:Health Harvard

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